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The Beatles
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
The BeatlesAbbey RoadCDP 7 46446 2CDEX/EX10.00CD2644
The BeatlesLet It be7 46447 2CD, rear insert missingVG/VG8.00CD2645
The BeatlesRevolverCDP 7 46441 2CDEX/EX10.00CD2643
The BeatlesRubber SoulCDP 7 46440 2CDEX/EX10.00CD2642
The BeatlesSgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band7 46442 2CDEXEX10.00CD2374
The BeatlesThe White AlbumCDS 7464438CD doubleVG/EX10.00CD2099
David Bowie
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
David BowieDiamond DogsCDP 79 5211 2CDEX/EX10.00CD2646
David BowieHeroes7243 521908 0 5CD 24 bit digital remasterEX/EX10.00CD2732
David BowieHunky Dory7243 521899 0 8CDEX/EX10.00CD2649
David BowieLow7243 521907CD remasterEX/EX10.00CD2484
David BowiePinups7243 521903 0 0CDEX/EX10.00CD2648
David BowieScary Monsters and Super Creeps7243 521895 0 2CDEX/VG+10.00CD2962
David BowieThe Man Who Sold the World7243 521901 0 2CD digital remasterEX/EX10.00CD2747
David BowieZiggy Stardust7243 521900 0 3CDEX/EX10.00CD2647
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
DonovanFairytales and ColoursSELCD 506CDEX/EX10.00CD2821
DonovanSunshine Superman7243 8 73566 2 7CD with 7 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2908
DonovanThe Hurdy Gurdy Man7243 8 73568 2 5CD with 7 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2820
Fairport Convention, Richard Thompson, Richard & Linda Thompson, Sandy Denny
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Fairport ConventionFairport Convention068 291-2CD with 4 bonus tracksEX/EX9.00CD2757
Fairport ConventionHouse FullIMCD 289CDEX/EX10.00CD2795
Fairport ConventionJewel in the CrownWRCD023CDEX/EX8.00CD2797
Fairport ConventionLiege & LiefIMCD 291CD with 2 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2770
Fairport ConventionLive ConventionIMCD 311CD with 5 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2796
Fairport ConventionNineIMCD 154CDEX/EX8.00CD2798
Fairport ConventionRising For the MoonIMCD312CD with 4 bonus tracksEX/EX9.00CD2814
Fairport ConventionUnhalfbrickingIMCD 293CD remastered with 2 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2761
Fairport ConventionWhat We Did On Our HolidaysIMCD 294CD with 3 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2822
Fairport ConventionWhat We Did On Our HolidaysILPS 9092LP Island, c.1969VG+/VG+10.00LP0861
Richard & Linda ThompsonHokey PokeyHNCD 4408CDEX/EX10.00CD2673
Richard & Linda ThompsonI Want to See the Bright Lights TonightIMCD 160CDEX/EX12.00CD2067
Richard & Linda ThompsonPour Down Like SilverIMCD 306CD with 4 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2794
Richard & Linda ThompsonShoot Out the LightsHNCD1303CDEX/EX10.00CD2865
Richard ThompsonAmnesiaCDP 7 48845 2CDEX/EX10.00CD2843
Richard ThompsonMirror Blue0777 7 81492CDEX/EX10.00CD2762
Richard ThompsonMock Tudor7243 4 98860 2 5CDEX/EX10.00CD2602
Richard ThompsonRumor and SighCDP 7 95713 2CDEX/EX10.00CD2818
Richard ThompsonSweet WarriorPRPCD032CDEX/EX10.00CD2812
Richard ThompsonThe Old Kit BagCOOK CD 251CDEX/EX10.00CD2709
Sandy DennyRendezvousIMCD316CD with 5 bonus tracksEX/EX9.00CD2914
Sandy DennySandyIMCD314CD featuring 5 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2851
Incredible String Band
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Incredible String BandThe Big Huge7559-61548-2CDEX/EX9.00CD2806
Incredible String BandThe Hangman's Beautiful Daughter7559-60835-2CDEX/EX9.00CD2805
Incredible String BandThe Incredible String Band7559-61547-2CDEX/EX9.00CD2804
Incredible String BandThe 5000 Spirits7559-60913-2CDEX/EX9.00CD2813
Incredible String BandU7559 62761-2CD doubleEX/EX12.00CD2838
Incredible String BandWee Tam7559-60914-2CDEX/EX9.00CD2793
John Martyn, John & Beverley Martyn
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
John & Beverley MartynStormbringerIMCD317CD remaster with 4 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2866
John & Beverley MartynThe Road To RuinIMCD165CDEX/EX10.00CD2939
John MartynLondon ConversationIMCD 134CDEX/VG10.00CD3031
John MartynOne WorldIMCD86CDVG+/EX8.00CD3076
John MartynSolid AirIMCD274CDEX/EX10.00CD2940
Led Zeppelin
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin7567-82632-2CDEX/EX10.00CD2656
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin II7567-82633-2CDEX/EX10.00CD2657
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin III7567-82678-2CDEX/EX10.00CD2658
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IV7567-82638-2CDEX/EX10.00CD2659
Led ZeppelinPhysical Graffiti7567-92442-2CD doubleEX/EX10.00CD2660
Led ZeppelinHouses of the Holy7567-82639-2CDEX/EX10.00CD2661
Marc Bolan, T-Rex
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Marc BolanAcoustic Warrior74321CDEX/EX10.00CD2650
Tyrannosaurus RexMy People Were Fair and had Sky in Their Hair ... But Now They're Content to Wear Stars on Their Brows541 009-2CDEX/EX10.00CD2651
Tyrannosaurus RexBeard of StarsCLA CD317CDEX/EX10.00CD2652
T.RexSolid Gold Easy ActionMARC 37" EMI records, c.1972-/VG+4.00070420
T.RexT.Rex541 011-2CDEX/EX10.00CD2654
T.RexFuturistic DragonEDCD394CDEX/EX10.00CD2655
Nick Drake
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Nick DrakeBryter LaterIMCD 71CDEX/EX10.00CD2662
Nick DrakeFive Leaves LeftIMCD 8CDEX/EX10.00CD2663
Nick DrakePink MoonIMCD 94CDEX/EX10.00CD2664
Nick DrakeWay to Blie, an Introduction to Nick DrakeIMCD 196CDEX/EX10.00CD2665
Pentangle, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Bert JanschBert JanschCMRCD204CD with 2 bonus tracksEX/EX9.00CD2929
Bert JanschBirthday Blues/Rosemary LaneESM CD 519CD 2 albums on 1 CD, Pentangle connectionEX/EX10.00CD2791
Bert JanschIt Don't Bother MeCMRCD205CDEX/EX9.00CD2852
PentangleBasket of LightCMRCD207CD featuring 4 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2853
PentangleCruel SisterCMRCD206CDEX/EX9.00CD2803
PentangleThe PentangleCMRCD131CD with 7 bonus tracksEX/EX9.00CD2802
John RenbournAnother MondayCMRCD436CDEX/EX10.00CD2823
Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Pink FloydA Momentary Lapse of ReasonCDP 7 48068 2CDEX/EX10.00CD2935
Pink FloydA Saucerful of Secrets7243 8 29751 2CDEX/EX10.00CD2667
Pink FloydAnimals7243 8 29748 2 6CDEX/EX10.00CD2936
Pink FloydAtom Heart Mother7243 8 31246 2 6CDEX/EX10.00CD2730
Pink FloydMeddle7243 8 29749 2CDEX/EX10.00CD2669
Pink FloydMeddleSHVL 795LP gatefold sleeve on HarvestVG+/EX15.00LP0671
Pink FloydMusic From the Film More7243 8 35631 2CDEX/EX10.00CD2668
Pink FloydObscured By CloudsCDP 7 46385 2CDEX/EX10.00CD2670
Pink FloydThe Dark Side of the Moon0777 7 46001 2CDEX/VG10.00CD2671
Pink FloydThe Piper at the Gates of Dawn7243 8 31261 2CDEX/EX10.00CD2666
Pink FloydWish You Were Here7243 8 29750 2CDEX/EX10.00CD2672
Syd BarrettThe Madcap Laughs7243 8 28906 2 1CD with 6 bonus tracksEX/VG10.00CD3032
Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, Blackfield, No-Man
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
BlackfieldNYCKSCOPE504CD & DVD doublepackEX/EX14.00CD2772
No-ManWherever There is Lightkscope127sCD from Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson, including enhanced video contentEX/EX11.00CD2721
Porcupine TreeComa DivineSMACD882CD doubleVG/EX12.00CD2700
Porcupine TreeDeadwing7567-93437-2CDEX/EX12.00CD2573
Porcupine TreeOn the Sunday of LifeSDPCD166CD in digipackEX/EX10.00CD3036
Porcupine TreeRecordingsKSCOPE134CD in digibookEX/EX12.00CD2816
Porcupine TreeSignifySMACD884CD doubleVG/EX12.00CD2699
Steven WilsonGrace for Drowningkscope177CD double packEX/EX10.00CD2985
Steven WilsonGrace for Drowningkscope177CD double packEX/EX10.00CD3071
Rolling Stones
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Rolling StonesAftermath844 466-2CD digitally remasteredEX/EX14.00CD1842
Rolling StonesExile on Main StreetCDV2731CDEX?EX10.00CD2675
Rolling StonesGood Times, Bad TimesF.119347" Decca label, company sleeve, sticker on label, c.1964VG+/VG+5.00070741
Rolling StonesFlowers75092CD digitally remasteredEX/EX12.00CD2068
Rolling StonesGoats Head Soup7243-8-39519-2-5CDEX/EX14.00CD1840
Rolling StonesIt's Only Rock and RollCDV2733CDVG/EX8.00CD2093
Rolling StonesIt's Only Rock'n'RollCDV2733CDEX/EX8.00CD3099
Rolling StonesLet It Bleed843 473-2CD digitally remasteredEX/EX10.00CD2674
Rolling StonesSticky Fingers7243 8 39525 2 6CDEX/EX14.00CD2073
Rolling StonesTheir Satanic Majesties Request844 470-2CDEX/VG+10.00CD3025
Roy Harper
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Roy HarperDeath or GloryHUCD012CDEX/EX12.00CD2679
Roy HarperFolkjokeopusHUCD009CDEX/VG12.00CD2997
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
TrafficHere We Go Round the Mulberry BushWIP 60257" Island records, pink label, c.1967-/VG+4.00070607
TrafficHole in My ShoeWIP 60177" Island records, pink label, wol, solid centre, c.1967-/VG+5.00070608
TrafficJohn Barleycorn Must DieIMCD 266CD with 5 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2682
TrafficMr FantasyIMCD 264CD with 12 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2680
TrafficPaper SunWIP-60027" Island records, pink label, c.1967-/VG+4.00070530
TrafficTrafficIMCD 265CD with 5 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2681
The Who
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
The WhoA Quick One589 800-2CD with 10 bonus tracksEX/VG+10.00CD3024
The WhoLet's See Action2094-0127" Track records, c.1971-/VG+5.00070589
The WhoLive at Leeds527 169-2CD 25th anniversary remasterEX/EX10.00CD2686
The WhoQuadrophenia531 971-2CD doubleEX/EX12.00CD2684
The WhoRelay2094-1067" Track records, c.1972-/VG4.00070457
The WhoThe Who By Numbers533 844-2CD with 3 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2933
The WhoThe Who Sell Out527 759-2CDEX/EX10.00CD2683
The WhoTommy - Part Two2406 008LP Track records, c.1969VG-/VG10.00LP0859
The WhoTommy531 043-2CD digitally remasteredEX/EX10.00CD2688
The WhoWho's LastMCLD 19005CDEX/EX10.00CD2687
The WhoWho's Next527 760-2CD remastered with 7 bonus tracks & new sleeve notesVG/VG14.00CD2685
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Art BearsHopes & FearsReR ab1CDEX/EX12.00CD2965
Be Bop DeluxeHot ValvesHAR 51177" Harvest records, c.1976VG+/VG-4.00070816
Bill FayBill FayELCD1022CD with 2 bonus tracksEX/EX12.00CD2986
Bridget St JohnAsk Me No QuestionsCDM RED 282CD with 2 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2979
Bridget St JohnSongs For the Gentle ManCDM RED 283CDEX/EX10.00CD2839
Cat StevensCatch Bull at FourILPS 9206LP Island records, gatefold sleeve, c.1971EX/VG8.00LP0756
Cat StevensTeaser and the FirecatILPS 9154LP Island records, gatefold sleeve, c.1971EX/VG+8.00LP0757
ComusSong to ComusCMEDD 1121CD doubleEX/VG+14.00CD2992
Dave EdmundsRepeat When NecessarySSK 59409LP Swansong records, with inner, c.1979VG/VG+6.00LP0805
ForestForestASHCD3011CD in digipack, limited edition of 1000EX/VG12.00CD2932
HawkwindDoremi Fasol Latido7243 5 30031 2 8CD with 4 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2713
HawkwindHall of the Mountain Grill7243 5 30035 2 4CD with 5 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2714
HawkwindIn Search of Space7243 5 30030 2 9CD with 3 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2778
HolliesLook Through Any WindowR 53227" Paralophone records, company sleeve,c.1965VG+/VG+3.00070696
HolliesStayR 50777" Paralophone records, company sleeve,c.1963VG/VG+3.00070695
InmatesShot in the DarkRAD 28LP Radar Records, c.1980VG+/VG+8.00LP0872
Jethro TullAqualung7423852213CD 25th anniversary special edition with interview & bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2870
Jethro TullSweet DreamWIP 60707" Chrysalis label, c.1969-/VG+4.00070588
Marianne FaithfulCome and Stay With MeF.120757" Decca records, company sleeve, c.1965VG/VG+3.00070587
Mr FoxJoin Us In Our GameCMRCD1049CD 1st 2 albums (Mr Fox, and The Gipsy) on 1 CDEX/EX12.00CD2837
Neil ChristianThat's NiceJH 3017" Strike records, c.1966-/VG4.00070609
Nick LoweAmerican Squirmada 267" Radar records, c.1978VG+/VG+4.00070976
Nick LoweHalf a Boy and Half a ManXX 347" F-Beat records, c.1984VG+/VG+4.00070909
Nick LoweLabour of LustRAD 21LP Radar records, with inner, c.1979VG/VG+8.00LP0804
Small FacesThe Autumn StoneCLACD 114CDEX/EX8.00CD3057
Small FacesLazy SundayIMS 1067" Immediate label, company sleeve, c.1976VG-/VG5.00070452
Spooky ToothThat Was Only Yesterday, an Introduction to Spooky ToothIMCD 276CDEX/EX10.00CD2689
Steeleye SpanHark! The Village WaitCMRCD 1251CDEX/EX10.00CD2909
Steeleye SpanParcel of RoguesCHR 1046LP Chrysalis records, gatefold sleeve, c.1973VG+/VG+10.00LP0814
Steve HillageGreenV2098LP Virgin records, with insert, c.1978VG/VG10.00LP0912
Steve HillageFish RisingV2031LP c.1975EX/EX10.00LP0571
Steve HillageFor To NextV 2244LP Virgin label, c.1982VG/VG+8.00LP0775
Steve HillageL CD early stuff by System 7 manM/M10.00CD0282
Steve HillageOpenV 2135LP Virgin label, with inner, c.1979VG-/VG+8.00LP0776
StrawbsJust a Collection of Antiques and Curios540 938-2CD with 3 bonus tracksEX/VG+9.00CD2945
Ten Years AfterLove Like a ManDM.2997" Deram label, studio and live versions, c.1970-/VG+5.00070593
The Crazy World of Arthur BrownThe Crazy World of Arthur Brown833 736-2CDEX/EX10.00CD2768
The Pretty ThingsS.F.SorrowSDPCD109CD with 4 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2934
TreesOn The Shore484435 2CDEX/EX10.00CD3026
TreesThe Garden of Jane Delawney506064 2CDEX/EX10.00CD2801
Tudor LodgeTudor LodgeREPUK 1110CDEX/VG+14.00CD2946
Van MorrsionAstral Weeks246 024CD Australian pressingVG/VG9.00CD2828
Vashti BunyanJust Another Diamond DaySPINE001CDCD with 4 bonus tracksEX/EX10.00CD2928
Vashti BunyanLookafteringFATCD38CDEX/EX10.00CD2910

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