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Pete Namlook, Fax label & related
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ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Fax label - PK series
Pete Namlook4 Voice IIIPK08/155CD Fax labelM/M12.00CD0747
Pete Namlook4 Voice 5PK08/7712" Fax label-/VG6.00121751
Pete NamlookA View to a ChillPK08/08CD Fax label compilationM/M15.00CD0796
Pete NamlookAtomPK08/107CD Fax labelEX/EX12.00CD1142
Pete NamlookOlympic 4PK08/6912" Fax label-/VG-5.00121709
Pete NamlookNamlook XVIII - New Organic Life IIIPK08/166CD Fax labelM/M15.00CD1118
Pete Namlook/David MoufangHome ShoppingPK08/164CD Fax labelM/M15.00CD1092
Pete Namlook/David MoufangKoolfang II - Gig in the SkyPK08/106CD Fax labelM/M18.00CD0583
Pete Namlook/David MoufangNamlook/Move D VIPK08/160CD Fax labelM/M14.00CD0949
Pete Namlook/DJ BrainwaveLimelightPK08/1612" Fax label-/VG6.00121732
Pete Namlook/DJ BrainwaveLimelight 5PK08/7412" Fax label-/VG-6.00121719
Pete Namlook/DJ DagAdlernebelPK08/153CD Fax labelM/M15.00CD0717
Pete Namlook/Pascal FEOSMinimalistic Source 4PK08/5612" Fax label-/VG6.00121731
Pete Namlook/Peter ProchirMiles ApartPK08/138CD Fax labelM/M18.00CD0556
Pete Namlook/Robert SattlerKoolerPK08/103CD Fax labelM/M18.00CD0376
Pete Namlook/Wolfram der SpyraVirtual Vices IIPK08/154CD Fax labelM/M18.00CD0750
Pete Namlook/Wolfram der SpyraVirtual Vices IIIPK08/161CD Fax labelEX-/EX13.00CD1318
Fax label - PS series
Anthony RotherElixir of LifePS08/100CD Fax labelM/M15.00CD1170
Bill LaswellCymatic ScanPS08/50CD Fax labelVG/EX14.00CD3039
Charles Uzzell-EdwardsOctopusPS08/79CD Fax labelM/M12.00CD0765
Charles Uzzell-EdwardsSupergroupPS08/88CD Fax labelM/M15.00CD0766
Chris MelocheWirelessPS08/69CD Fax labelM/M18.00CD0309
KrystianEisblumenPS08/101CD Fax labelM/M15.00CD1249
Massimo VivonaGorn 2PS08/2512" Fax label-/G4.00121727
Robert MussoTransonic 2PS08/67CD Fax labelM/M18.00CD0785
SOLStardustPS08/99CD Fax labelM/M15.00CD1169
SOLStardustPS08/99CD Fax labelEX/EX14.00CD1319
Victor SolSolphaxPS08/71CD Fax labelM/M18.00CD0454
Fax label - PW series
Pete Namlook/Bill LaswellOutland IVPW43CD Fax labelEX/EX14.00CD2974
Pete Namlook/Bill LaswellPsychonavigation 2PW24CD Fax labelVG-/EX18.00CD2970
Pete Namlook/Bill LaswellPsychonavigation 3PW33CD Fax labelEX/EX17.00CD2969
Pete Namlook/Bill LaswellPsychonavigation 4PW40CD Fax labelM/M15.00CD0744
Pete Namlook/Bill LaswellPsychonavigation 5PW45CD Fax labelM/M15.00CD0997
Pete Namlook/Higher Intelligence AgencyS.H.A.D.OPW34CD Fax labelM/M18.00CD0375
Fax other and related
Pete Kuhlmann/Juergen RehbergThe Sunken RoadYT3CD on Yesterday TomorrowM/M16.00CD0384
Pete NamlookHearts of SpaceRSN 7312" Rising High labelVG/VG4.50121690
Pete NamlookTransonicaw 013CD Ambient WorldSealed16.00CD1039
Pete Namlook/Dr AtmoSilenceRSN CD7CD on Rising HighEX/EX12.00CD3012
Pete Namlook/Richie HawtinFrom Withinaw005CD on Ambient WorldVG+/VG+12.00CD3005
PSI PerformerArt is a Division of Pain Remixed - 1K2 0-9 CDCD of material by Anthony Rother, remixed by Multicast, David Moufang, Thomas fehlmann, etc.EX/EX10.00CD2327
The Irresistible ForceIt's Tomorrow AlreadyZEN CD38CD Mixmaster Morris on Ninja Tunes - classicEX/EX12.00CD2219
Spacetime ContinuumDouble Fine ZoneCDASW 6238CD Jonah SharpEX/EX14.00CD1238
Tetsu InoueWorld ReceiverINFX 015CD on Infraction labelVG+/EX12.00CD3016
VariousThe Morning After7243 8 56181 2 3CD double mixed by Mixmaster MorrisVG/VG+12.00CD2246
Rather Interesting, POD Communications, Atom Heart, Senior Coconut ...
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Atom HeartMidisportRI 056CD Rather Interesting labelM/M15.00CD0808
Atom HeartPOD Communication Presents Atom HeartSNC-2026-2CDEX/VG+10.00CD3010
Atom HeartPop ArtificielleKK141CDM/M14.00CD0612
Atom HeartThe Disk OrchestraRI 057CD Rather InterestingM/M15.00CD1001
Bund Deutscher ProgrammiererStoffwechselRI 055CD on Rather Interesting, Atom HeartEX/EX11.00CD2559
Dandy JackCosmic TrousersRI 035CD Rather InterestingSealed18.00CD1447
Dandy JackCosmic TrousersRI 034CD Rather InterestingM/M16.00CD0759
Dandy JackDandy Jack/Plastic WomanRI042CD Rather InterestingM/M16.00CD0737
DatacideFlowerhead964CD AsphodelEX/EX14.00CD2999
Lisa CarbonStandardsRI 061CD Rather Interesting labelM/M15.00CD1206
Lisa CarbonTrio de JaneiroRI 043CD Rather Interesting labelM/M16.00CD0780
Lisa CarbonTrio de JaneiroQS114CD on QuatermassVG/VG8.00CD3003
Roger Tubesound EnsemblePlays Just NotesRI 058CD Rather InterestingM/M16.00CD0973
Semiacoustic NatureSemiacoustic NatureRI 029CD Rather Interesting label, Uwe SchmidtVG+/EX20.00CD3129
Senor CoconutEl Baile AlemanEFA 56008-2CD Atom Heart does KraftwerkM/M14.00CD0667
VariousReal Intelligence IIIRI 050CD on Rather Interesting, Atom HeartEX/EX12.00CD3001
VariousWater & ArchitectureSR120CD featuring new and unreleased material by Atom Heart, Seefeel, Bisk, AER, Directions (Bundy K. Brown)EX/EX14.00CD2276
Beyond label, Higher Intelligence Agency ...
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
David Toop / Max EastleyBuried DreamsRBADCD6CD Beyond labelEX/EX14.00CD3108
Electronic EyeClosed CircuitRBADCD8CD Richard H. Kirk on Beyond, doubleEX/EX16.00CD2026
Electronic EyeThe Idea of JusticeRBADCD14CD Beyond label, Richard H.KirkEX/EX14.00CD2021
Insanity SectManisolaRBADCD15CD Beyond label, c.1995EX/VG+14.00CD3151
VariousAmbient Dub Volume 3RBADCD4CD Beyond label, c.1993EX/VG12.00CD3150
VariousAmbient Dub Volume 4RBADCD11CD Beyond labelEX/EX12.00CD3135
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
BiospherePatashnikAMB 3927 CDCDG+/VG-10.00CD3102
BiosphereShenzouTouch TO:55CD digipackEX/EX-14.00CD1498
Biosphere / Higher Intelligence AgencyPolar SequencesRBADCD17CD Beyond labelEX/VG+16.00CD2998
em:t label and related
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
302 Acid302 Acid 0005ITEM 006CD on em:t label in digipackEX/EX14.00CD1629
International Peoples GangAction Paintingipg0006 CD on em:t label in digipackVG/EX14.00CD2536
Lewis/Gilbert/MillsMZUIBOUCD 6602CD Russell MillsEX/M14.00CD1609
Reflective label
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Dead Vent 7Single Cell OrchestraREF CD4CD Reflective labelVG/EX14.00CD1469
Spacetime ContinuumKairoRef 01312" Reflective label-/VG6.00121686
SubtropicHomebrewREF CD6CD Reflective labelEX/EX14.00CD1658
VelocetteSonorities by StarlightREF CD8CD reflective labelEX/EX12.00CD1470
Rising High label
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Sound EnforcerRenforcerRSN 8612" Dave Angel on Rising HighVG/VG4.00121317
CybertraxSongs For A Rainy DayRSN6112" Rising High-/VG4.00121500
Frank HeissRadical TechnologyRSN 11512" Rising High/DJ Ungle FeverEX/EX4.50121479
KibuPhaze & RhythmRSN 7612" w/l on Rising High label-/VG+4.50121218
Love IncTrance Atlantic XS EPRSN 4312" Rising High Mike InkVG/VG4.50121585
MLOIoRSN CD16CD on Rising HighEX/VG12.00CD2331
Pete Namlook/Dr AtmoSilenceRSN CD7CD on Rising HighEX/EX12.00CD3012
Rising High CollectiveDeep in my ThoughtsRSN 7512" Rising High label-/EX4.00121236
Rising High CollectiveReachRSN 2412" Rising High labelVG+/EX4.50121387
The Irresistible ForceUnderground EPRSN 2712" Rising High label-/VG5.00121538
RedLight District LondonRed Light District LondonRSN 10112" white label-/EX4.00121318
VariousThe Elemental Force of Phunk.ERSN 11012" RSN/DJ Ungle Fever samplerEX/EX4.50121004
XPDTitty Twister12RSN200512" Rising HighEX/EX4.50121048
Silent Records label
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Heavenly Music CorporationAnechoicSR9599CD Silent records, promo copy with full artworkEX/EX16.00CD1480
VariousFrom Here to Tranquility volume 2SR9343CD Silent records compilation featuring Pete Namlook, Single Cell Orchestra, Robert Rich, etc.EX/EX16.00CD1453
Source label
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Deep Space NetworkBig RoomsCD930611CD Source recordsEX/EX30.00CD1570
DSNRaise This FlapSource 040345CD Source label (David Moufang)EX/EX14.00CD1681
Elfish EchoStrong Medicine980730CD Source label (David Moufang)EX/EX14.00CD1705
VulvaVulvic Yonification970526CD on Source recordsEX/EX12.00CD2463

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