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ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
KLFWhat Time is Love (Live at Trancentral)KLF 004X12"VG/VG4.00121750
Nation, North-South labels, Transglobal Underground, Loop Guru ...
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
!Loca!TimbalNT 24T12" Nation label remix singleVG+/EX4.00120806
!Loca!Emerald DawnNR 088T12" Nation label-/EX4.00120558
FundamentalCountry ManNAT 23T12"EX/EX4.00120374
FundamentalDemonised SoulFUNPROMO212" Nation label promo, wol-/EX4.00120798
FundamentalDog TribeNAT 22T12"-/EX4.00120373
FundamentalGold BurgerNAT 44T12"EX/EX4.00120375
GrotusOpiate of the Masses EPVIRUS 14812" with TGU remix-/EX4.50120930
JoiBangladesh EPNR 74T12" Nation label promo-/EX4.50120521
JoiFingersRWSTDJ712" promo from ex. Nation labeEX/EX4.50120877
Loop GuruAmrita CD US promo in card envelopeEX/EX14.00CD1399
Loop GuruBathtime With Loop GuruLG001CDEX/EX14.00CD1184
Loop GuruCatalogue of Desires volume 3Guru 300CDCDM/M12.00CD0102
Loop GuruFountains of Paradise CDM/M13.00CD0166
Lunar DriveHere at Black Mese ArizonaNR1076CDCD Nation labelM/M10.00CD0364
Natacha AtlasBasstetAtlas 812" Bullitnuts remix promoEX/EX4.50120899
Natacha AtlasYalla ChantNAT 60T12" with press release-/EX4.00120561
Natacha AtlasYalla ChantNAT 60T12" with press release-/EX4.00120562
Phluide2MT Low RangeNR49T12" Nation label red vinylEX/EX4.50120963
Pressure of SpeechX Beats12 POS 00112" North South label promoVG/EX4.00120486
RecyclerAlphabhangrapsychedelicfunkinNRPRO109712" Nation label promo-/EX4.50120956
RecyclerFUH 115NR 95T12" Nation label-/EX4.00120749
Transglobal UndergroundBoss TablaNR68T12" Nation labelEX/EX4.50121205
Transglobal UndergroundEyeway Souljah 12" 1 sided promo-/EX5.00121235
Transglobal UndergroundInternational TimesNR 48DJ12" DJ remix promo-/EX4.50120682
Transglobal UndergroundInternational TimesNR 48T12" Nation label rmixes-/EX4.00120695
Transglobal UndergroundInternational TimesNATLP 38LP double on Nation labelEX/EX/EX10.00LP0424
Transglobal UndergroundLookee HereNR 43T12" Nation label promo-/EX4.50120796
Transglobal UndergroundLookee HereNR 43T12" on Nation labelEX/EX4.00120815
Transglobal UndergroundScorch 12" 1 sided promo-/EX5.00121234
Transglobal UndergroundSpellboundTUCDP1CD single 1 track promoEX/M4.00CD0878
VariousFuse II - World Dance MusicNR0005LLP Nation label compilationVG/EX7.00LP0578
VariousGlobal Sweatbox remix albumNR015CDCD on Nation label featuring remixes by Andrew Weatherall, Youth, etc.VG/VG10.00CD2259
Yam YamThe SpectacleNR 32T12"-/EX4.00120436
Orb, Sun Electric, System 7, Steve Hillage ...
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Fortran 5Look to the FutureP12 Mute 13612" Orb remix promo-/VG5.00120629
Orb?Bob1312" badorb.comEX/EX6.00121472
OrbAdventures Beyond the UltraworldBLR CD5CD double set in card sleeve, outer sleeve is fairly worn, CD's have surface marks but play fine - low price for a rare itemG/VG10.00CD2359
OrbAdventures Beyond the UltraworldBLRDCD 5CD doubleVG/EX12.00CD2989
OrbAsylum 12"M/M5.00120471
OrbAsylum (part 2)CID657CD single part 2M/M4.00CD0116
OrbAuntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond the Call of Duty CD double (Orb remixes)EX/EX14.00CD1615
OrbBack to MineBack CD12CD of compiled tracks by the OrbEX/EX14.00CD1818
OrbBless YouBOBCD1CD double with card wraparoundVG/EX12.00CD1224
OrbCydoniaCID 8100 CD UK issue with extra trackEX/EX12.00CD1716
OrbDaleth of Elphame EPBob 1212" badorb.comEX/EX6.00121554
OrbOrbus TerrarumCID 8037CD in limited edition plastic sleeve with card innerEX/EX12.00CD2529
OrbPeel SessionsSFRCD 118CD first John Peel sessionsVG+/VG+8.00CD2275
OrbStuffed HostageBOB 1112" badorb.comEX/EX6.00121339
OrbThe Clock Machine Turns You On volume 2MD631CD double compilation of Orb remixes of Killing Joke, Shriekback, Headcount, Transit Kings EX/EX12.00CD2454
OrbU.F.OffCID 8078CD Orb compilationM/M12.00CD0215
Orb and YouthImpossible OdditiesYZLTD0006CD triple CD set, the story of Wau! Mr Modo, with posterEX/EX15.00CD3055
Orb featuring David GilmourMetallic Spheres CD with extra 3D60 versionEX/EX14.00CD3000
SaxophonettesSecret SquirrelORAOC.0212" Orb remixesEX/EX5.00121660
Steve HillageGreenV2098LP Virgin records, with insert, c.1978VG/VG10.00LP0912
Steve HillageFish RisingV2031LP early material by System 7 manEX/EX10.00LP0571
Steve HillageFor To NextV 2244LP Virgin label, c.1982VG/VG+8.00LP0775
Steve HillageL CD early stuff by System 7 manM/M10.00CD0282
Steve HillageLey Lines to GlassdomVDJ237" Virgin records, c.1977EX/EX5.00070595
Steve HillageOpenV 2135LP Virgin label, with inner, c.1979VG-/VG+8.00LP0776
Sun ElectricAaah!RS 94037 CDCD on R&SEX/EX16.00CD2427
Sun ElectricEyaApollo31X12"EX/EX5.00121237
Sun ElectricO'Locco (parts 1 - 4) 12" original R&SEX/EX12.00120172
System 777 Expansion 12" promo-/EX5.00120107
System 7777BFLCD1CDM/M10.00CD0320
System 7Freedom FightersTENXDJ 39412" promo-/EX5.00120145
System 7HabibiTENX DJ38512" Orb remix DJ pressingVG/VG5.00121584
System 7SinbadPROMO 812" blue vinyl promo-/EX6.00120147
System 7System 7DIXCD102CDVG+/VG+10.00CD3017
Yellow Magic OrchestraMultiplesLIXDJ212" Internal records, promo, remixes by The Orb, The Shamen, Altern 8 and 808 State-/VG+4.00121807
Planet Dog, Banco de Gaia, Eat Static, Ozric Tentacles, Rootsman ...
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
AstralasiaMadEYE T 0912" Magik Eye records, white label promo, c.1993-/VG+5.00121868
AstralasiaUnveria SektEYE T 1112" Magik Eye records, white label promo, c.1993-/VG+5.00121866
AstralasiaUnveria SektEYE T 1112" Magik Eye records, white label, single sided, numbered promo, c.1993-/VG+5.00121867
AstralasiaWhatever Happened to Utopia?EYE CDLP5CD with bonus CD singleEX/EX12.00CD2408
Banco de GaiaIf There Was No Reality 12" white label-/EX5.00121230
Banco de GaiaLive at GlastonburyBark CD021CD Planet DogEX/EX14.00CD1112
Banco de GaiaMayaBark CD003CD Planet DogEX/EX14.00CD1111
DreadzoneEarth AngelVSTJ 159312" promo-/EX5.00120643
Eat StaticB-WorldBARK CD034CD Planet Dog labelVG+/VG+12.00CD2274
Eat StaticHybrid 12" promo + press release-/EX5.00120523
Eat StaticImplantBark CD005CD Planet Dog labelM/M14.00CD1078
Future Loop FoundationConditions For LivingBark CD036CDEX/VG+10.00CD2959
Future Loop FoundationTime and BassMOR144-2CD on Mammoth records, US import, punch hole in bar codeVG+/EX10.00CD3014
Optic EyeSunburst12 TOT 28DJ12" double promo col'd vinyl-/EX/EX6.00120538
Ozric TentaclesCurious CornSDPCD151CD in digipackEX/EX14.00CD1824
Ozric TentaclesJurassic ShiftDove CD 6CD Dove records, with hemp inserts, c.1993EX/VG+12.00CD3162
Ozric TentaclesStrangitideSMMD 546CDM/M14.00CD0338
Ozric TentaclesSwirly TerminationSMA CD 821CDEX/EX14.00CD1825
SenserSwitch 12" inc. Eat Static remixEX/EX3.50120206
SenserThe KeyTOPP 019T12" inc. Michael Dog remixEX/EX3.50120205
VariousFeed Your Head 2Bark CD007CD Planet Dog compilation featuring the Drum Club, Children of the Bong, Spooky, Astralasia, Inner Space, etc.VG/VG12.00CD1405
VariousKamaflageBFLCD45CD compilation on Dragonfly records featuring Bill & Seb, Zen Lemonade, Green Oms, 2BU, etc. EX/EX12.00CD1165
VariousKamaflage 2BFLCD 52CD compilation on Dragonfly records featuring Dub Trees, Katpeople, Green Oms, Electric Tease, etc.EX/EX12.00CD1123
VariousPlanet DubBARKCD015CD double on Planet DogEX/EX12.00CD3004
VariousQuadruped v.1BARK CD006CD on Planet Dog label featuring Optic Eye, Active Loop Zone, Zuvuya and Children of the BongVG/VG-10.00CD2260

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