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Richard H.Kirk, Cabaret Voltaire, Sandoz, Alphaphone label
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Cabaret Voltaire1974-76CABS 15CDCDEX/EX10.00CD2716
Cabaret VoltaireEasy Life12R 626112" c.1990VG-/EX6.00121768
Cabaret VoltaireHere To Go12R 616612" white label-/EX6.00121767
Cabaret VoltaireLive at the LyceumCABS 13CDCD on the Grey AreaEX/EX12.00CD2197
Cabaret VoltaireMicro-PhoniesCVCD2CDEX/EX10.00CD3042
Cabaret VoltaireRed MeccaCABS 3 CDCD Mute Records, c.1990EX/VG+10.00CD3121
Cabaret VoltaireTechnology: Western Reworks 1992CVCD4CDVG+/EX10.00CD2954
Cabaret VoltaireThe CrackdownCV 1LP limited edition with bonus 12" and inner, c.1983VG+/EX10.00LP0761
Cabaret VoltaireThe CrackdownCVS1-1212" Some Bizarre / Virgin records, c.1983VG/VG+5.00121780
Cabaret VoltaireThe Drain TrainDVR 2112" with bonus remix 12"VG+/EX10.00121769
Cabaret VoltaireThe Dream TicketCVS2-1212" Some Bizarre / Virgin records, c.1983VG/VG+5.00121781
Cabaret VoltaireThe Living LegendsCABS 6 CDCD Mute Records, c.1990EX/EX10.00CD3120
Cabaret VoltaireThe Original Sound of Sheffield '78/'82CABS 16CDCDEX/EX10.00CD2167
Cabaret VoltaireThe Voice of AmericaCABS 2CDCD Richard H.KirkEX/EX12.00CD2135
Cabaret VoltaireThree MantrasCABS 7CDCD on the Grey AreaEX/EX10.00CD2196
Electronic EyeThe Idea of JusticeRBADCD14CD Beyond label, Richard H.KirkEX/EX14.00CD2021
Richard H.KirkAgents With False MemoriesAsh 3.1CDEX/VG-10.00CD3103
Richard H.KirkEarlier/LaterKirk 6CDCD doubleEX/EX12.00CD1698
Richard H.KirkEarlier/LaterKirk 6CDCD doubleEX/EX12.00CD1997
Richard H.KirkThe Number of MagickTVT 7233-2CD on WaxtraxVG/EX11.00CD2012
Richard H.KirkURP vol 2Intone CD04CDEX/EX12.00CD1517
SandozChant to JahSSRCD59CD Richard H KirkEX/EX14.00CD1577
SandozDigital LifeformsTO:21CD Richard H.KirkEX/VG12.00CD0916
SandozDigital LifeformsTO:21CD from Richard H.KirkEX/VG+12.00CD2339
SandozDigital Lifeforms ReduxKirk 7CDCD double by Richard H.KirkEX/EX12.00CD1813
SandozSandoz in Dub Chapter 2 (Live in the Earth)SJR CD130CD Soul Jazz label in digipackEX/M14.00CD1994
Clock DVA, The Anti Group
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
The Anti GroupBroadcast TestWax 910412" US with insertEX/EX5.00121302
The Anti GroupHa ZuluSOX 00912" with bookletEX/EX8.00120914
The Hafler Trio
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Hafler TrioA Small Child Dreams of Voiding the PlagueIMPREC 012CD in 3 panel hand screened sleeve, limited to 500 copiesEX/EX14.00CD2233
Hafler TrioPlay the Hafler TrioSTCD 031CD on StaalplaatEX/VG+16.00CD2874
Hafler TrioThe Sea OrgParagraph 5, Subsection 1Includes four extra tracks, one video (contained on the CD as QuickTime movie), 28 page booklet, poster and postcard.EX/M15.00CD2207

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