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Andrew Liles
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Andrew LilesAn Un WorldINFX 004CD Infraction records, c.2001EX/VG+14.00CD3147
Andrew LilesAural Anagrammac 015CDVG+/EX10.00CD3072
Andrew LilesBlack Beautymt127CD 3rd in 'black series', limited edition of 300 with insert, obi and signed, but no token (ultra rare and beautiful item)EX/EX20.00CD2059
Andrew LilesBlack Papermt125CD 1st in 'black series', limited edition of 300 with insert, token, obi and signed (ultra rare and beautiful item)EX/EX25.00CD2041
Andrew LilesBlack Papermt125CD 1st in 'black series', limited edition of 300 with insert, obi and signed, but no token (ultra rare and beautiful item)EX/EX20.00CD2043
Andrew LilesIn My Father's House Many MansionsFDCD68CD remixes of Hafler Trio, Nurse With Wound, etcEX/EX14.00CD1832
Andrew LilesMy Long Accumulating DiscontentERA 2035-2CDM/M14.00CD2039
Andrew LilesThe Dying Submariner (A Concerto for Piano and Reverberation in Four Movements)mt110aCDEX/EX14.00CD2349
Andrew Liles/Jean-Herve PeronFini!DPROMCD62CD collaboration between Nurse With Wound and Faust membersM/M14.00CD2269
Colin Potter/Andrew Liles/Hafler Trio3 EggsImprec094CD in 5 panel digipack, limited edition of 1000 copiesEX/EX15.00CD1862
Diana Rogerson & Andrew LilesNo Birds Do SingDPROMCD70CDM/M14.00CD2500
Lull / Beta Cloud / Andrew LilesCircadian Rhythm ReconfiguredCSR139CDCD digipack sleeveVG/EX12.00CD3110
Colin Potter, ICR label
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Colin PotterThe Sights of the Drowned FableICR67CD on ICR labelM/M14.00CD2190
Colin Potter / Paul BradleyBehind Your Very EyesICR 37CD on ICR labelEX/EX16.00CD2003
Colin Potter / Paul BradleyColin Potter / Paul Bradley Live CDr purchased directly from artists, signed by the artists, limited edition of 200EX/EX16.00CD1743
Far Black FurlongFar Black Furlong / Haidd 2ICR 65 / ICR 66CD on ICR with limited edition CDr limited to 150 copiesM/M20.00CD2195
Colin Potter / Hafler TrioA Pressed on Sandwich CD in oversized card cover with insertEX/EX15.00CD1861
Colin Potter / Paul BradleyThe Simple PlanICR 73CDEX/EX12.00CD3084
Jonathan Coleclough / Colin PotterLow GroundICR33CD on ICR label from Nurse With Wound's Colin PotterEX/EX16.00CD2289
Jonathan Coleclough / MurmerHuskICR 57 / ICR 58CD on ICR label with limited edition bonus CDEX/EX18.00CD2131
Kiln with Chris Sacker CAP 2CD on Contemporary Art Production Ltd., featuring Colin PotterEX/EX12.00CD2353
Paul Bradley / Jonathan Coleclough / Mitoshi Kojo / Colin PotterWater Mountainom08CD double in fold out cardboard sleeve, first edition of 250, number 26EX/EX16.00CD3083
Phil MouldycliffWritten on WaterICR 63CD on ICR labelM/M14.00CD2169
Sonic Catering BandSeven Transdanubian RecipespH-13CD featuring Colin PotterEX/EX14.00CD2348, Matt Waldron
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no. (ext.)Cosmic Superimpositioneie 06CD Errata in Excelsis, c.2005EX/EX14.00CD3139 Pincher AppliancesCrouton no. 21CD by Matthew Waldron (NWW connection)EX/EX15.00CD2044
Darren Tate, Monos, Paul Bradley, Twenty Hertz
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Paul BradleyAnamnesisTH 006CD on Twenty HertzM/M14.00CD2103
Paul BradleyChromaTH016CD on Twenty HertzEX/EX14.00CD2002
Paul BradleyImmure CD 3" (132/200)EX/EX16.00CD1740
Paul BradleyLiquid SunsetTH 010CD on Twenty HertzM/M14.00CD2104
Paul BradleyMemorias ExtranjerasA23CDM/M14.00CD2107
Paul BradleyPastandpresentcollideShine 04CDEX/EX14.00CD2000
Paul BradleySearching For The Waymass15CD 3" on Locus of Assemblage label, limited to 100 copiesM/M15.00CD2161
Paul BradleySirens CD limited edition of 50 signed copies with additional artworkEX/EX15.00CD2227
Paul BradleySketches From DustTH 015CD limited edition of 200 in hand painted sleeve featuring Maja Elliott from C93EX/EX18.00CD1742
Paul BradleyTwenty HertzICR 35CD on Colin Potter's ICR label, 1st edition, 100 copies only, handmade sleeveEX/EX18.00CD1778
Paul Bradley / Adam SonderbergAnoxiaTH 004/LBT 032CD on Twenty Hertz/Longbox in DVD sized caseM/M14.00CD2110
Paul Bradley / Colin PotterConfluenceTH 002CD on Twenty Hertz-/M14.00CD2102
Paul Bradley / Cria CuervosMoraines IISVR07025CD on Small Voice in digipack sleeveM/M14.00CD2191
Paul Bradley / Cria CuervosMorainesTH 012/Sileat 01CD on Twenty Hertz, limited to 150 copiesEX/EX15.00CD2194
Paul Bradley / David WellsOp. 5/Heart of EmbraTH 011CD 3" signed by artists on Twenty HertzEX/EX10.00CD1741
Darren TateCalm in a Teacup 1986/87fungal 046CD numbered, limited edition, 15 of 100EX/EX15.00CD3085
Darren TateNo Longer HereICR 76CDEX/EX11.00CD3086
Darren TateSmall Worlds CD on Quiet WorldEX/EX14.00CD2149
Darren TateThe Elves Are ComingTH 013CD Twenty HertzM/M14.00CD2022
Darren Tate / Andrew LilesWithout seasonTH 008CD on Twenty HertzM/M14.00CD2106
JgrzinichRudiment of Twoes01CD on Edition Sonoro, limited edition of 300M/M16.00CD2134
MoborosiMaile ColbertTH 018CD on Twenty Hertz, limited edition of 40 with signed printEX/EX20.00CD2130
MonosPromotionTH020CD on Twenty Hertz with photo + obiM/M12.00CD2230
MonosSunny Day in Saginomiyaedition xxivCD featuring Colin Potter, Darren Tate, limited to 500 copiesM/M20.00CD2189
MonosWindowICR34spCD on ICR label, limited to 45 copies, signedM/M20.00CD2192
UbeboetSpectraTH 017CD on Twenty HertzM/M14.00CD2105
VariousResonant Emberses02CD compilation on Edition Sonoro featuring, Colin Potter, Paul Bradley, Andrew Liles, etc.M/M14.00CD2307
Toy Bizarre
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Toy.Bizzaredctb 008 1996-2000 CD compilation in oversized sleeveEX/EX14.00CD2226
Toy.BizzareKTI DCTB 039 CD 3" limited to 500 copiesEX/EX6.00CD2228
Other Drone and Field Recordings
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Aidan BakerBlauserkmass10CD 3" on Locus of Assemblage label, limited edition of 200 (no. 195)EX/EX8.00CD2151
Alio DieThe Flight of Real ImageFAR-05CD on Faria records, remastered with extra tracks, compleet with insertsEX/EX10.00CD2404
David WellsEfeginSiRiDisc 02CD 3" on Siridisc, limited edition of 100 signed copies (no. 45)EX/EX8.00CD2150
Fabio OrsiBirds Are Smart But They Cannot Speakmass15CD 3" on Locus of Assemblage label, limited to 150 copiesM/M8.00CD2160
Greg HamiltonWhite PagesLBT017CD Longbox recordingsEX/EX12.00CD1745
Jean-Luc GuionnetAxeneGF005CD on Groundfault Recordings, series 1EX/EX12.00CD2356
Jim HaynesMagnetic NorthHMS 001CD on Helen Scarsdale in hand rusted sleeve limited to 300 copiesM/M18.00CD2132
Jim HaynesTelegraphy by the SeaHMS009CD on Helen Scarsdale in hand printed sleeve limited to 500 copiesEX/EX15.00CD2001
MurmerThey Were Dreaming They Were StonesGF030CD on Groundfault RecordingsEX/EX14.00CD2153
MurmerWe Share a ShadowHMS 011CD on Helen Scarsdale Agency, hand painted sleeve, limited to 300M/M20.00CD2188
Steven WilsonInsurgentes RemixesKSCOPE 142CDEX/EX10.00CD2540
VariousA Selection of Drones Past: Singles 1993-2000TM000CD double in digipack with folded poster insert, featuring Alio Die, Delphium, Aube, Toy Bizarre, Francisco Lopez, etc.EX/EX14.00CD2108

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