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Records & cds for sale - new additions
12 Dec 2016
Just added today, various 7" and 12" singles, vinyl LP's and CD's for sale. Jesus and Mary Chain, Killing Joke, The JamMarch Violets, Elvis Costello, Pink Military, Wah!, and loads more. More records & CDs for sale being added on a reasonably regular basis so be sure to bookmark this page or my home page.
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
AssociatesA Matter of GenderFICS 167" Fiction records, c.1982VG/VG+SOLD071173
BauhausShe's in PartiesBEG 917" Beggar's Banquet, c.1983VG+/VG+SOLD071171
Danse SocietySeductionSOC 882LP Society Records, with inner, c.1982VG/VGSOLDLP0904
Danse SocietySomewhereSoc12412" Society records, c.1983VG+/VG6.00121879
David BowieFashionBOW 77" RCA records, c.1980VG/VG+SOLD071140
Dr FeelgoodA Case of the Shakes10 C 064-082 986LP United Artists, Spanish pressing, inner sleeve, c.1980VG-/VG+10.00LP0923
Elvis CostelloArmed Forces35709LP Columbia records, US pressing, inner sleeve, different tracks to UK version, c.1979VG+/VG+10.00LP0926
Elvis CostelloThis Year's Model35331LP Columbia records, Canadian pressing, different tracks to UK version, c.1978VG/VGSOLDLP0925
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsI Can't Stand Up For Falling DownXX 177" F-Beat records, wos, c.1980VG+/VG+4.00071194
Fiat LuxFeels Like Winter AgainCOQ97" Cocteau records, produced by Bill Nelson, c.1982VG+/VG+5.00071166
Gilbert / Hampson / KendallOrrcdpsst1CD Mute records, c.1996EX/VG+SOLDCD3166
Heaven 17Crushed by the Wheels of IndustryVSY 6287" Virgin records, picture disc, c.1983VG+/VG+4.00071139
Jesus and Mary ChainFar Out and GoneNEG 56T12" Blanco y negro, c.1992VG+/VG+6.00121892
Jesus and Mary ChainJust Like HoneyNEG 17F7" Blanco Y Negro records, double single, gatefold sleeve, c.1985EX/EXSOLD071124
Jesus and Mary ChainReverenceNEG 55T12" Blanco y Negro, c.1992VG+/VG+6.00121906
John FoxxNo-one DrivingVS 3387" Virgin records, doublepack in gatefold sleeve, c.1980VG/VG+SOLD071137
Killing JokeEmpire SongEGO 47" E.G. Records, c.1982VG+/VG+SOLD071156
March VioletsSnake DanceRB INT 21112" Rebirth records, textured sleeve, c.1983VG/VG+8.00121877
March VioletsWalk Into The Sun VRB 241212" Rebirth records, c.1984VG/VG+6.00121878
New Model ArmyVengeanceABT 008LP Abstract records, c.1984VG-/VG6.00LP0909
Ozric TentaclesJurassic ShiftDove CD 6CD Dove records, with hemp inserts, c.1993EX/VG+12.00CD3162
Pink MilitaryBlood and LipstickEric's 00212" Eric's records, c.1979VG+/VG+SOLD121904
Pink MilitaryDid You See HerERC 0057" Eric records, c.1980VG+/VG+6.00071169
Secret AffairMy WorldSEE 57" I-Spy records, c.1980VG-/VG+SOLD071138
Section 25My Outrage7 FBN 627" Factory Benelux records, limited edition of 500, c.2013EX/EX8.00071123
Siouxsie and the BansheesPlayground TwistPOSP 597" Polydor records, c.1979VG/VG+SOLD071121
Ski PatrolCutMD 3.457" Malicious Damage, c.1981VG+/VG+8.00071163
Steve HillageGreenV2098LP Virgin records, with insert, c.1978VG/VG10.00LP0912
Stiff Little FingersJust Fade AwayCHS 25107" Chrysalis records, c.1981VG/VGSOLD071179
Talking HeadsRemain in LightSRK 6095 NPLP Sire records, Portugese pressing, inner sleeve, lyric insert, c.1980VG+/VG+SOLDLP0915
The Black DogBabylonSAM003512" Warner, doublepack, promo, c.1998VG+/VG+6.00121898
The Durutti ColumnLive in Bruxelles, 13.8.1981LTMCD 2499CD LTM recordings, c.2007EX/EXSOLDCD3165
The JamBeat SurrenderPOSPJ 5407" Polydor records, double single, gatefold sleeve, c.1982VG/VG+SOLD071122
The JamStrange TownPOSP 34, 2059 095, 7Y Part 86 8187" Polydor records, French pressing, c.1979VG/VG+SOLD071177
The PoliceCan't Stand Losing YouAM 21477" A&M records, US pressing, different sleeve, c.1979VG-/VG+SOLD071114
The RutsSomething That I SaidVS 2857" Virgin records, c.1979VG/VG+4.00SOLD
The RutsSomething That I SaidVS 2857" Virgin records, c.1979VG-/VG4.00071157
The SkidsThe Absolute GameV 2174LP Virgin records, limited edition bonus 12", lyric inner, c.1980VG+/VG+SOLDLP0922
The Wedding PresentWhy Are You Being So Reasonable Now?REC 011/1212" Reception records, c.1988VG+/VG+6.00121889
UK SubsTomorrow's GirlsGEMS 107" GEMS records, blue vinyl, c.1979VG-/VG6.00071178
Wah!Seven Minutes to Midnightinev 0047" Inevitable records, c.1980VG+/VG+SOLD071167

Records & cds for sale - new additions
19 Aug 2016
Just added today, various 7" and 12" singles, vinyl LP's and CD's for sale. Astralasia, The Jam, Menswear, The Fall, The Records, Ultravox, SPK, Talking Heads, Thomas Dolby, and loads more. More records & CDs for sale being added on a reasonably regular basis so be sure to bookmark this page or my home page.
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
AstralasiaMadEYE T 0912" Magik Eye records, white label promo, c.1993-/VG+5.00121868
AstralasiaUnveria SektEYE T 1112" Magik Eye records, white label promo, c.1993-/VG+5.00121866
AstralasiaUnveria SektEYE T 1112" Magik Eye records, white label, single sided, numbered promo, c.1993-/VG+5.00121867
Aztec CameraObliviousAZTEC 1F7" Rough Trade, doublepack, gatefold sleeve, c.1983VG+/VG+SOLD070991
Cocteau TwinsLove's Easy TearsAD 6187" 4AD label, c.1986VG/VG+SOLD071005
Cocteau TwinsPearly-Dewdrops' DropsAD 4057" 4AD records, c.1984VG/VG4.00070928
David BowieAshes to AshesBow 67" RCA records, c.1980VG+/VG+SOLD071072
David BowieJohn I'm Only Dancing (Again)Bow 47" RCA records, c.1979VG+/VG+SOLD071073
Dr FeelgoodDown By The JettyUAS 29727LP United Artists, c.1975VG/??50.00LP0888
EasterhouseGet Back to RussiaRDJ 947" Rough Trade records, promo, was, c.1986VG/VG+4.00070917
Echo and the BunnymenThe CutterUK KOW 267" Korova records, c.1983VG/VG+4.00070946
Echo and the BunnymenThe Killing MoonKOW 327" Korova records, c.1983VG+/VG4.00071035
Elvis CostelloMy Aim Is TrueSEEZ 3LP Stiff records, black and white front cover, green back cover, c.1977VG+/VG+SOLDLP0887
Graham ParkerStupefactionAS 05237" Arista records, US pressing, c.1980VG/VG+6.00070978
Graham ParkerTemporary BeautyPARK 1007" RCA records, c.1982VG-/VG4.00070993
Graham Parker and the RumourDon't Ask Me No Questions6059 1997" Vertigo records, Dutch pressing, different sleeve, c.1977VG-/VG+6.00070977
Graham Parker and the RumourThe Pink ParkerPARK 0017" Vertigo records, c.1977VG/VG4.00070937
Happy Mondays24 Hour Party PeopleSAM0062312" London recordings, promo-/VG+5.00121876
Human LeagueBeing BoiledFAST 47" Fast records, c.1979VG/VGSOLD070973
JapanGentlemen Take PolaroidsVS 3797" doublepack, gatefold sleeve, Virgin records, c.1980VG/VG+SOLD071010
Jesus and Mary ChainCome OnNEG 737" Blanco Y Negro records, orange vinyl, gatefold sleeve, numbered, c.1994VG+/VGSOLD070971
John FoxxEurope After the Rain103.6247" Dutch pressing, unique sleeve, c.1981VG+/VG+SOLD070950
Lee Scratch PerryKentucky SkankMOJOV17" Mojo Music, c.2003VG+/VG+4.00070927
MenswearDaydreamerlau 57" Laurel records, gatefold sleeve, c.1995VG+/VG4.00070987
MenswearSleeping Inlau 67" Laurel records, gatefold sleeve, with postcards, c.1995VG+/VG5.00070988
MenswearStardustlau 77" Laurel records, gatefold sleeve, c.1995VG+/VG4.00070989
Mink de VilleSoul TwistCL160057" Capitol records, pink vinyl, c.1978VG-/VG+5.00071046
New OrderMovementFACT 50LP Factory records, original pressing with Factory inner, stain on cover, c.1981VG-/VG+SOLDLP0897
Nick LoweAmerican Squirmada 267" Radar records, c.1978VG+/VG+4.00070976
Orange JuiceFlesh of My FleshOJ47" Polydor records, c.1983VG+/VG+SOLD071060
Ozric TentaclesJurassic ShiftDove CD 6CD Dove records, with hemp inserts, c.1993EX/VG+12.00CD3162
Pere UbuLove Love LoveUBU 31212" Phonogram records, sticker on sleeve, c.1989VG/VG+5.00121872
Poison GirlsAre You Happy NowILL 311212" Illuminated records, c.1983VG/VG5.00121865
Radio StarsNervous WreckNS 237" Chiswick records, company sleeve, c.1977VG+/VG+4.00071081
SkidsWorking For the Yankee DollarVS 3067" Virgin records, doublepack, c.1979VG-/VG+SOLD071075
SparksBeat the ClockVS 2701212" blue vinyl picture disc, c.1979VG+/VG+10.00121873
SPKOceaniaSER 11LP Side Effects, c.1988VG+/VG+12.00LP0895
SPKZamia LehmanniSER 09LP Side Effects, c.1987VG+/VG+SOLDLP0896
StranglersNo More HeroesUP 363007" United Artists, writing inside sleeve, c.1977VG/VGSOLD071061
Talking HeadsHouses in MotionWBN 178207" Sire records, Dutch pressing, unique sleeve, c.1981VG/VG+15.00070912
Talking HeadsOnce In A LifetimeSIR 40487" Sire records, c.1980VG+/VG+SOLD071074
The CureWhy Can't I Be You?FICS 257" Fiction records, paper labels, c.1987VG+/VG+5.00070985
The FallThere's a Ghost in My HouseBEG 1877" Beggar's Banquet records, c.1987VG+/VG+5.00070986
The JamAbsolute BeginnersPOSP 3507" Polydor records, with insert, c.1981VG/VGSOLD071039
The JamDown in the Tube Station at Midnight2059 068, POSP 87" Polydor records, c.1979VG-/VG+SOLD071076
The RecordsHearts in Her EyesVS 3307" Virgin records, c.1980VG/VG4.00070930
The RecordsHearts in Her EyesVS 3307" Virgin records, c.1980VG+/VG+4.00070951
Thomas DolbyShe Blinded Me With ScienceVIPS 1047" Venice in Peril label, c.1982VG/VG+4.00071004
Thomas DolbyWindpowerVIPS 1037" Venice in Peril label, c.1982VG+/VG+4.00071003
UK SubsKeep On Running (Til You Burn)GEMS 457" Gem records, blue vinyl, c.1981VG/VG5.00071037
UK SubsParty in ParisGEMS 427" Gem records, orange vinyl, c.1980VG-/VG+5.00071036
UltravoxQuiet MenDWIP 66917" Island records, doublepack with inners, c.1981VG/VG+SOLD070932
Various (Clock DVA, Modern Eon, Section 25, Wah! Heat)Hicks From the Sticks, c.1980ROC 111LP Rockburgh records, c.1980VG+/VG+12.00LP0891
13 Apr 2016
A massive update today, my first of 2016, containing a huge variety of 7" and 12" singles, vinyl LP's and CD's for sale. Includes Aphex Twin, Dr Feelgood, Eric's Trip, New Order, The Fall, The Members, The Stranglers, and loads more. More records & CDs for sale being added on a reasonably regular basis so be sure to bookmark this page or my home page.
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Andrew LilesAn Un WorldINFX 004CD Infraction records, c.2001EX/VG+14.00CD3147
Aphex TwinClassicsRS 95035 CDCD R&S records, c.1995EX/VG+12.00CD3149
Aphex TwinRichard D JamesWarpCD43CD Warp records, c.1996EX/VG10.00CD3148
Be Bop DeluxeHot ValvesHAR 51177" Harvest records, c.1976VG+/VG-4.00070816
Be Bop DeluxeLive in the Air AgePSR 4127" originally issued with Live album, c.1977VG-/VG+SOLD070860
BlurOn Your Own12 BLUR DJ712" Food records, 1 sided William Orbit remix, Fooc company sleeve, c.1997VG+/VG+SOLD121841
Cocteau TwinsAikea-GuineaBAD 50112" 4AD records, tos, c.1984VG-/VGSOLD121853
Cocteau TwinsPearly-Dewdrops' DropsAD 4057" 4AD records, c.1984EX/EXSOLD070908
David BowieScary Monsters (and Super Creeps)BOW 87" RCA records, c.1981VG/VG+SOLD070900
DJ Shadow3 Freaks3 FREAKS 1212" Island records, promo, c.2006VG+/VG+SOLD121846
Dr FeelgoodAs Long as the Price is RightXUP 365067" United Artists, blue vinyl, c.1979VG/VG+5.00070893
Dr FeelgoodDown at the DoctorsUP 364447" United Artists, c.1978VG+/VG+SOLD070889
Dr FeelgoodHong Kong MoneyBP 3387" United Artists, c.1979VG/VG+SOLD070890
Dr FeelgoodMilk and AlcoholUP 364687" United Artists, c.1978VG/VG+SOLD070892
Dr FeelgoodNo Mo Do YakomoBP 3667" United Artists, c.1980VG-/VG+SOLD070891
Dr FeelgoodPut Him Out of Your MindBP 3067" United Artists, c.1979VG-/VG+SOLD070895
Dr FeelgoodShe's a Wind UpUP 363047" United Artists, c.1977VG-/VG+SOLD070894
Dr FeelgoodWaiting For Saturday NightBP 4047" Liberty records, c.1981VG/VG+SOLD070888
EasterhouseContenderROUGH 94LP Rough Trade, with inner, c.1986VG/VG+10.00LP0868
Echo and the BunnymenBring on the Dancing HorsesKOW 437" Korova records, c.1985VG+/VG+4.00070843
Echo and the BunnymenSilverKOW 347" Korova records, c.1984VG+/VG+4.00070844
Elvis CostelloFrom a Whisper to a ScreamXX 147" F-Beat records, c.1981VG/VG+4.00070897
Eric's TripPeterMUR CD002CD Murder records, 6 track CD EP, c.1993EX/VG+7.00CD3158
Eric's TripSongs About ChrisSPCD88/259CD Sub Pop label, 6 track CD EP, c.1993EX/VG+SOLDCD3157
Fairport ConventionWhat We Did On Our HolidaysILPS 9092LP Island, c.1969VG+/VG+10.00LP0861
Gene ClarkNo Other8122 73701-2CD with 7 bonus tracksEX/EX12.00CD3161
GorillazDirty HarryKONG 0212" Jon Carter remix, one sided, white label, promo-/EXSOLD121835
House of LoveHouse of LoveCRELP 34LP Creation records, c.1988VG+/VG+15.00LP0866
Insanity SectManisolaRBADCD15CD Beyond label, c.1995EX/VG+14.00CD3151
JapanI Second That EmotionHANSA 127" Hansa label, c.1982VG/VG4.00070797
Jazz ButcherFishcothequeCRELP 027LP Creation records, with inner, c.1988VG/VG+10.00LP0865
Jethro TullLiving in the PastWIP-60567" Island records, Island company sleeve, c.1969VG-/VG+SOLD070832
Joe JacksonReal MenAMS 82317" A&M records, picture disc, c.1982-/VGSOLD070806
John FoxxMiles AwayVS 3827" Virgin records, c.1980VG/VGSOLD070787
LemonheadsInto Your ArmsA7302TE10" WEA records, c.1993VG+/VG+5.00100061
MagazineRhythm of CrueltyVS 2517" Virgin records, c.1979VG/VG+SOLD070850
MenswearBeing BraveLAU 87" Laurel records, gatefold sleeve, c.1996VG/VG+5.00070906
MeteorsRadioactive KidCHIS1477" Chiswick records, c.1981VG-/VG+SOLD070814
My Bloody ValentineGlider EPCRE 073T12" Creation records, c.1990VG/VG+SOLD121842
New OrderShellshockFAC 1437" Factory records, c.1986VG+/VG+SOLD070876
New OrderTouched by the Hand of GodFAC 193/77" Factory records, c.1987VG-/VG+SOLD070875
New OrderTrue FaithFAC 1837" Factory records, c.1987VG/VG+SOLD070877
Nick LoweHalf a Boy and Half a ManXX 347" F-Beat records, c.1984VG+/VG+4.00070909
Nick LoweKeep It Outta SightDYR 450077" Dynamite records, Dutch pressing, c.1976VG/VG+SOLD070813
Primal ScreamLive in JapanSICP 390CD Japanese pressing with obi stripVG+/EXSOLDCD3156
Robyn HitchcockElement of LightMOIST 3 CDCD Glass Fish records, c.1986EX/EX10.00CD3144
Roxy MusicVirginia Plain2001 7397" Polydor records, c.1977 reissueVG+/VG+SOLD070887
Salt TankEugina / ST6INT:85054112" Internal records, c.1996VG+/VG+5.00121851
Secret AffairTime For ActionSEE 17" I-Spy records, c.1979VG-/VG+SOLD070819
Simple MindsI TravelARIST 3727" Arista records, with flexi, c.1980VG+/VG+SOLD070821
SleeperSale of the CenturySLEEP0117" Indolent records, green vinyl, c.1996VG/VG+SOLD070901
SurfarisWipe OutHLD 97517" London records, company sleeve, wos, c.1963VG/VG+SOLD070789
Talking HeadsOnce In A LifetimeSIR 40487" Sire records, c.1981VG+/VG+SOLD070848
Teardrop ExplodesTiny ChildrenTEAR 71212" Mercury records, c.1982VG/VG+6.00121837
TelevisionMarquee MoonK 1225212" Elektra label, stereo & mono recordings, limited edition, c.1977VG/VG8.00121834
The AssociatesClub Countryasc 2t12" WEA records, c.1982VG/VG+6.00121836
The CureThe WalkFICSX1812 "Fiction records, c.1983VG-/VG+7.00121854
The DistractionsTime Goes By So SlowFAC 127" Factory records, c.1979VG-/VG-SOLD070907
The FallHey LucianiBEG 176T12" Beggars Banquet, c.1986VG-/VG+7.00121838
The FallIt's The New Thing - The Step Forward YearsCWQCD697CD Castle MusicEX/EX12.00CD3153
The FallPerverted by LanguageCMQDD1134CD Castle Music, double CD with 16 bonus tracksEX/EX12.00CD3155
The FallThe Infotainment ScanCMQDD1227CD Castle Music, double CD with 19 bonus tracksEX/EX12.00CD3154
The Imposter (aka Elvis Costello)Pills and SoapIMP 0017" Imposter records, c.1983-/VG+4.00070845
The InmatesShot in the DarkRAD 28LP Radar Records, c.1980VG+/VG+8.00LP0872
The JamAbsolute BeginnersPOSP 3507" Polydor records, c.1981VG/VG+SOLD070904
The JamAll Around the World2058 9037" Polydor records, c.1977VG+/VG+SOLD070851
The JamThe Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had to Swallow)POSP 5057" Polydor records, c.1982VG/VG+SOLD070903
The JamWhen You're YoungPOSP 697" Polydor records, c.1979VG+/VG+SOLD070817
The MembersOffshore Banking BusinessVS2487" Virgin records, c.1979VG-/VG4.00070841
The MembersOffshore Banking BusinessVS2481212" Virgin records, c.1979VG-/VG+SOLD121848
The ModernistKangmeiwon 11 cdCD Wonder records, c.2003EX/VG+12.00CD3160
The QuadsNever Been a DayBB 247" Big Bear records, c.1980VG/VG+SOLD070865
The RecordsStarry EyesNB-27" Virgin records, c.1978VG/VG+SOLD070847
The RumourEmotional TrafficBUY 457" Stiff records, green vinyl, c.1979VG/VG+6.00070905
The SmirksOk UKBZZ 177" Berserkley records, c.1978VG+/VG+6.00070791
The Stranglers5 MinutesUP 363507" United Artists, c.1978VG/VG+5.00070899
The StranglersNice'n'SleazyUP 363797" United Artists, c.1978VG/VG+SOLD070898
The WaterboysThe Whole of the MoonENY 5207" Ensign records, c.1985EX/EXSOLD070902
The Weather ProphetsShe Comes From the RainACID 17" WEA records, c.1987EX/EX4.00070830
VariousAmbient Dub Volume 3RBADCD4CD Beyond label, c.1993EX/VG12.00CD3150
Weather ProphetsNaked as the Day You Were BornCRE 031(T)12" Creation records, c.1986VG/VG+5.00121844
Wedding PresentGo-go DancerPB451837" RCA records, number 2 in hit parade series, c.1992VG+/VG+SOLD070838
Wilko Johnson Solid SendersWalking on the EdgeVS 2147" Virgin records, c.1978VG-/VG+SOLD070896
XTC3D EPVS 1881212" Virgin records, original pressing with blue labels, c.1977VG/VG+SOLD121852
XTCGenerals and MajorsVS3657" Virgin records, doublepack, c.1980VG-/VG+SOLD070840
21 Dec 2015
Another choice selection of records and CD's this month, with some Brit pop classics by Blur and Gene, some post punk gems by Magazine and John Foxx, and some new wave masterpieces by The Jam, Buzzcocks, XTC, and more. More records & CDs for sale being added on a reasonably regular basis so be sure to bookmark this page or my home page.
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Biff Bang PowShe HauntsCRE 051T12" Creation records, c.1988VG-/VG+SOLD121832
Blur13499 1290CD limited edition box set with posterEX/EX14.00CD3142
BlurSong 2TOCP-50174CD Japanese mini album, with insrt and obiEX/EXSOLDCD3140
BuzzcocksAnother Music in a Different KitchenFC 021LP French pressing, Fan Club label, with innerVG/VG+SOLDLP0786
BuzzcocksHarmony in my HeadUP 365417" United Artists, c.1979VG/VG+SOLD070735
BuzzcocksHarmony in my HeadUP 365417" United Artists, c.1979VG+/VG+SOLD070762
Crispy AmbulanceUnsightly and SereneFAC 3210" Factory records, c.1980VG-/VG+10.00100060
Daffodil SamuelsNo Other LoveCT 837" Cactus records, c.1976-/VG+4.00070730
David BowieBeauty and the BeastPB 11907" RCA records, company sleeve, c.1977VG-/VG+SOLD070722
David BowieFashionBOW 77" RCA, c.1980VG/VG+SOLD070764
Dead Mans ShadowTo Mohammed ... A MountainCRI LP 110LP Criminal records, with inner, c.1984VG/VG+SOLDLP0857
Dr HookThe Ballad of Lucy JordanCBS 27807" promo, CBS records, c.1974VG+/VG+4.00070724
Echo and the BunnymenA PromiseKOW-157" Korova records, c.1981EX/EXSOLD070760
GeneFighting FitCost 9 / 575 688-77" gatefold sleeve with poster, Polydor, c.1996VG+/VG+SOLD070725
GeneWe Could Be KingsCost 10 / 573 320-77" gatefold sleeve, Polydor, c.1997VG+/VG+4.00070726
Iley DreadLook Weh Dem Gine 7" Kings of Kings records, Jamaican pressing, c.1996-/VG+4.00070732 (ext.)Cosmic Superimpositioneie 06CD Errata in Excelsis, c.2005EX/EX14.00CD3139
John DowieAnother Close ShaveVEP 10047" Virgin records, c.1977VG+/VG+SOLD070756
John FoxxUnderpassVS 3187" Virgin records, c.1980VG+/VG+SOLD070763
Ken BootheEverything I OwnTR 79207" Trojan records, c.1974-/VGSOLD070749
MagazineA Song From Under the FloorboardsVS 3217" Virgin records, c.1980EX/EXSOLD070753
MagazineGive Me EverythingVS 2377" Virgin records, c.1978VG/VG+5.00SOLD
March VioletsCrow BabyRB 181212" Rebirth records, c.1983VG/VG+SOLD121829
March VioletsDeepVRB 261212" Rebirth records, c.1985VG+/VG+SOLD121828
March VioletsWalk Into The Sun VRB 241212" Rebirth records, c.1984VG/VG+SOLD121827
MuslimgauzeHussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar GassSOL 73 CDCD Soleilmoon, c.1998EX/EXSOLDCD3138
Nik TyndallPlejaden SuiteSKY CD 13012CDVG/VG10.00CD3134
Rolling StonesGood Times, Bad TimesF.119347" Decca label, comoany sleeve, sticker on label, c.1964VG+/VG+5.00070741
S.P.K.Metal DanceWANT 17" Desire records, c.1983VG/VG+SOLD070766
Sex PistolsGod Save the QueenVS 1817" Virgin records, sleeve corner torn, c.1977G/VG+SOLD070758
ShakeCulture ShockSIR 401610" Sire records, c.1979VG+/VG+SOLD100059
Sham 69Questions and AnswersPOSP 277" Polydor records, c.1979VG/VG+SOLD070755
Shorty the PresidentFat, Fat BenasCT 977" Cactus records, c.1976-/VG+4.00070731
Silicon TeensMemphis TennesseeMUTE 0037" Mute records, c.1979EX/EX4.00070761
Simple MindsSweat in a BulletVS 4517" doublepack, Virgin records, c.1981VG/VG+SOLD070767
SleeperAlice EPSleep 0017" Indolent records, c.1993EX/EXSOLD070727
Sol InvictusSol Veritas LuxTE 01CD digipack with insert, c.1990VG+/EX14.00CD3137
The AssociatesTell Me Easter's on a FridaySIT 17" Situation Two, c.1981VG/VGSOLD070765
The BannedHim or MeHAR 51497" demo, Harvest records, company sleeve, c.1978VG-/VG+SOLD070728
The BeatAll Out to Get You / DrowningFeet 67" Go-Feet records, paper labels, c.1981VG+/VG+4.00070729
The HolliesJennifer EcclesR 56807" Parlophone, company sleeve, c.1968VG+/VG+SOLD070740
The HolliesStop Stop StopR 55087" Parlophone, company sleeve, sticker on label, c.1966VG+/VG+SOLD070739
The JamAbsolute BeginnersPOSP 3507" Polydor records, c.1981VG-/VG+SOLD070757
The WhoTommy - Part Two2406 008LP Track records, c.1969VG-/VG10.00LP0859
Thomas DolbyAirwaves 7" flexi-/VG2.00FL0010
TuxedomoonTen Years in One Night (live)PB 5921LP double, Play-boy records, c.1989VG/VG+14.00LP0856
VariousAmbient Dub Volume 4RBADCD11CD Beyond labelEX/EX12.00CD3135
XTCStatue of LibertyVS2017" promo, Virgin records, c.1978VG-/VG-SOLD070712
30 Sep 2015
Another long update, with once again something for everyone including some Jamaican reggae some indie 7" singles by Carter USM, British Sea Power, Jesus and Mary Chain, Bodines, etc., some goth rock by Play Dead and various Foetus incarnations, and some new wave vinyl by Athletico Spizz 80, Cowboys International, Elvis Costello and loads of other items. More records & CDs for sale being added on a reasonably regular basis so be sure to bookmark this page or my home page.
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
A Certain RatioWon't Stop Loving YouACR 5407" A&M; records, c.1990VG-/VG+3.00070669
Andell and BolivarWoman A GenalSRS 0097" Simmons Recording Studio, Jamaican pressing, c.1972-/VGSOLD070534
Andy LivingstonCall On MeFAT00157" Fatta D records, Jamaican pressing-/VG4.00070629
Athletico Spizz 80No RoomRTSO 57" Rough Trade records, c.1980VG-/VGSOLD070640
Baby WayneFrom You Good 7" Jah Voice Call, Jamaican pressing, c.1993-/VG+SOLD070444
BeckettComing HighNB 9017" Casablanca, c.1977-/VG-2.00070660
B-MovieRemembrance DayDM 4377" Deram/Some Bizarre, paper labels, c.1981VG/VG+4.00070672
Bounty KillerScare Dem 7" Priceless records, Jamaican pressing-/VG3.00070565
Brian WilsonWonderfulMDA 001XX7" Must Destroy records, blue vinyl, c.2004EX/EX5.00070610
British Sea PowerPlease Stand UpRTRADS2427" Rough Trade records, c.2005VG+/VG+SOLD070689
Buccaneer/Red RatGal Skin Fi Bore 7" Opera House, Jamaican pressing, c.1997-/VG+4.00070621
Cabaret VoltaireHypnotizedRS 62277" limited edition fold out sleeve, with 6 postcards, c.1989VG/VG+SOLD070673
CapletonNo Evil 7" Kings of Kings records, Jamaican pressing, c.1997-/VG3.00070562
Carter USM30 SomethingR20112701LP Rough Trade, gatefold sleeve, inner, c.1991VG/VG10.00LP0836
Carter USMAfter The WatershedUSM 27" Chrysalis Records, c.1990EX/EX4.00070687
Carter USMRubbishUSM 37" Chrysalis Records, c.1990EX/EX4.00070688
Carter USMSheriff FatmanUSM 17" Chrysalis Records, c.1989EX/EX4.00070686
Cocteau TwinsAikea-GuineaAD 5017" 4AD records, c.1985VG+/VG+SOLD070671
Cowboys InternationalAftermathVS 2537" Virgin records, c.1979VG/VG+SOLD070675
Cowboys InternationalThe Original SinV2136LP Virgin records, plastic outer sleeve, c.1979VG+/VG+SOLDLP0832
Dread GordonBig ThingsJVC 1007" Jah Voice Call, Jamaican pressing, c.1993-/VG+SOLD070445
Dread GordonBig ThingsJVC 1007" Jah Voice Call, Jamaican pressing, c.1993-/VG+4.00070446
Elvis CostelloI Can't Stand Up For Falling Down1-112517" Columbia records, US pressing, 4 track EP, c.1980VG+/VG+SOLD070646
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsEveryday I Write the BookXX327" F-Beat records, c.1983VG/VG+4.00070684
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsFrom Head to ToeXX307" F-Beat records, European pressing, c.1982VG+/VG+4.00070613
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsFrom Head to ToeXX307" F-Beat records, c.1982VG+/VG+4.00070683
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsI Wanna Be LovedXX357" F-Beat records, c.1984VG/VG+4.00070685
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsMan Out of TimeXX287" F-Beat records, c.1982VG+/VG+4.00070579
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsParty PartyAMS 82677" AMS records, c.1982VG+/VG+4.00070580
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsSweet DreamsXX197" F-Beat records, c.1982VG/VG+SOLD070612
Everton BlenderHolding on to Jah LoveBLE 00057" Blen Them Productions, Jamaican pressing, c.1998-/VG4.00070566
Foetus Art TerrorismCalamity CrushWOMB FAT 11.1212" Some Bizarre/Self Immolation, c.1984VG+/EXSOLD121816
Foetus Uber FriscoFinely Honed MachineWOMB UNC 7.1212" Some Bizarre/Self Immolation, c.1984EX/EX8.00121814
God HeadMoving UpJVC 8007" Jah Voice Call, Jamaican pressing, c.1993-/VG+4.00SOLD
Gregory IsaacsWailing Rudie 7" Digital B records, Jamaican pressing, label tear on a-side-/VGSOLD070618
James TaylorOne Morning in MayK 162557" Warner Bros, promo, c.1972-/VG+5.00070699
JapanCantonese BoyVS5027" Virgin records, double in gatefoldsleeve, c.19804.00070596
Jesus and Mary ChainDarklandsBYN11/242180-1LP Blanco y Negro, with inner, c.1987VG+/VGSOLDLP0841
Jesus and Mary ChainSidewalkingNEG 32T12" Blanco y Negro, c.1988VG/VG+SOLD121821
Jesus and Mary ChainSome Candy TalkingNEG197" Blanco y Negro, c.1986VG/VG+SOLD070648
Jethro TullSweet DreamWIP 60707" Chrysalis label, c.1969-/VG+4.00070588
John SebastianHideawayRPD 13557" US promo, Reprise, mon/stereo versions, c.1976-/VG4.00070591
Julian Cope5 O'Clock World7-992417" US promo, Island records, c.1988VG/VG+SOLD070590
June BridesThere Are Eight Million StoriesPINKY 5LP on The Pink Label, blue sleeve, c.1985VG+/VG+8.00LP0827
Kevin AyersThank You Very MuchWIP 62017" Island records, c.1974-/VG+4.00070606
Leve LovichBird SongBUY 537" Stiff records, c.1979VG/VG+3.50070558
LucianoHave Mercy 7" Mixing Finga Muzic, Jamaican pressing, c.2002-/VG+SOLD070630
March VioletsNatural HistoryVRB 25LP Rebirth records, c.1984VG+/VG+SOLDLP0833
Marianne FaithfulCome and Stay With MeF.120757" Decca records, company sleeve, c.1965VG/VG+3.00070587
Maureen DavisOwn True LoveCT 217" Cactus records, c.1974-/VG4.00070649
Mawga ManMerciless 7" Shocking Vibes records, Jamaican pressing, feat. Sly Dunbar, c.1998-/VG3.00070563
McEnearney Mano MarcellinDo Dem Back10257" Antillana records, Barbados pressing-/VG+3.00070653
Michael BakerWho Take Way She ManTL0017" Super Records, Trinidad pressing, c.1978-/VG4.00070583
Morgan HeritageThe Comforter 7" Penthouse records, c.1998-/VG+3.00070657
Mungo JerryLady RoseDNX 25107" Dawn records, c.1971EX/EXSOLD070582
Neil ChristianThat's NiceJH 3017" Strike records, c.1966-/VG4.00070609
Nik TyndallPlejaden SuiteSKY CD 13012CDVG/VG10.00CD3134
Norris Man / LucianoPeace and Prosperity / Land Out Yonder 7" Kings of Kings records, Jamaican pressing, c.2001-/VG-3.00070538
Ocean Colour SceneYesterday Todayfitxdj 00212" Phffft records, promo, c.1991-/VG+SOLD121813
Papa SanPoor People StruggleBLE 00027" Blend Them Production, Jamaican pressing, c.1997-/VG+5.00070620
PenetrationCome Into The OpenVS 2687"VG/VGSOLD070076
Play DeadConspiracy12 Clay 4012" Clay records, c.1984VG/VG+SOLD121825
Play DeadInto the Fire - LiveClay LP 16MLP Clay records, with insert, c.1985VG/VG+SOLDLP0848
Play DeadSacrosanct12 Clay 4212" Clay records, c.1984VG/VG+SOLD121824
PlutoBoogie BumpCT 347" Cactus records, c.1974-/VG+SOLD070624
Power ManAnaconda 7" Gargamel records, c.1999-/VG+3.00070658
Prince AllahI Man Saw a Stone 7" Romeo records, Jamaican pressing-/VG+SOLD070619
Prince MalachiYou Can't Come In 7" Xterminator label, Jamaican pressing, b-side sticks, c.1999-/G2.00070535
Psychedelic FursWe Love YouEPC 80057" Epic records, green sleeve, c.1979VG+/VG+5.00070690
Public Image LimitedDeath DiscoVS2747" Virgin records, c.1979VG+/VG+SOLD070694
Railway ChildrenReunion WildernessFACT 185LP Factory records, c.1987VG+/VGSOLDLP0839
Red Dragon/Brian & Tony GoldCompliment On Your KissTAX 0347" Taxi label, Jamaican pressing-/VG+SOLD070643
REMCan't Get There From HereIRM 1027" IRS records, c.1985VG+/EXSOLD070594
Rose of AvalancheAlways ThereBlaze-187" Fire Records, c.1986VG/VG-3.00070645
Round HeadMothers Crying 7" Digital-B records, c.1997-/VG+3.00070656
ShakeCulture ShockSIR 401610" Sire records, c.1979VG+/VG+6.00100059
Shangri-LasLeader of the Pack2013 0247" Kama Sutra label, wol, c.1965-/VG3.00070571
Silver CatGal Dem Remidy 7" Music Associate-/VG+3.00070659
SkeechBody Basic 7" Taxi records, produced by Sly & Robbie, Jamaican pressing-/VG3.00070569
Soft MachineSoft SpaceHAR 51557" Harvest records, demo, c.1978-/VG+SOLD070570
Special AKAWar CrimesCHS TT 10 2310" Two Tone records, paper labels, c.1982VG+/VG+SOLD100057
Steve HillageLey Lines to GlassdomVDJ237" Virgin records, c.1977EX/EX5.00070595
Stone RosesShe Bangs the DrumsORE Z 612" Silvertone records, with print, sleeve seam split, c.1989G+/VG+15.00121818
Stone RosesWhat the World is Waiting ForORE T 1312" Silvertone records, sleeve seam split, c.1989G+/VG+15.00121819
SugarTilted 7" Creation records, limited editionVG+/VG+4.00070614
System 7DesirSystem Sampler 112" Big Life, promo, green vinyl-/VGSOLD121823
Ten Years AfterLove Like a ManDM.2997" Deram label, studio and live versions, c.1970-/VG+5.00070593
The AdvertsSafety in NumbersANC 10477" Anchor label, c.1977VG-/VG+SOLD070479
The BodinesHeard It AllCRE 0307" Creation records, c.1986VG/VG+SOLD070641
The EasybeatsFriday on my MindUP 11577" United Artists, company sleeve, c.1966VG/VG+5.00070581
The FallThis Nation's Saving GraceBEGA 67LP Beggar's Banquet, gatefold, inner sleeve, c.1985VG+/VG20.00LP0835
The Flower Pot MenLet's Go To San FranciscoDM 1427" Deram label, company sleeve, c.1967VG-/VG+4.00070592
The HolliesLook Through Any WindowR 53227" Paralophone records, company sleeve,c.1965VG+/VG+SOLD070696
The HolliesStayR 50777" Paralophone records, company sleeve,c.1963VG/VG+3.00070695
The MekonsThe Dream and Lie Of ...BFFP 5310" Blast First records, c.1989VG+/VG+SOLD100058
The MembersWorking GirlION 10127" Albion records, c.1981VG+/VG+5.00070674
The Men They Couldn't HangThe Green Fields of FranceIMP0037" Imp records, c.1984VG+/VG+3.00070557
The MotorsForget About You15 814 AT7" Virgin records, German pressing, c.1978VG-/VG+SOLD070639
The Only OnesTrouble in the WorldS CBS 79637" CBS records, promo, company sleeve, wol, c.1979VG+/VG+SOLD070559
The Psychedelic FursSister EuropeCBS 81797" CBS records, c.1980VG/VG+SOLD070611
The ResidentsThe Residents Commercial AlbumRZ-8052-LLP Ralph Records, 1st Pressing, purple logo on back cover, c.1980VG/VGSOLDLP0837
The RevillosMotor Bike BeatDIN 57" Dindisc records, c.1980VG+/VG+SOLD070553
The Stranglers5 MinutesUP 363507" United Artists, c.1978-/VG+2.00070615
The StranglersDon't Bring HarryGXA612" Japanese pressing, with obi strip, 6 tracks, c.1980VG+/VGSOLD121811
The WhoLet's See Action2094-0127" Track records, c.1971-/VG+5.00070589
This Mortal CoilThis Mortal CoilCAD 411LP 4AD records, with innerVG+/VG10.00LP0838
Thomas DolbyAirwaves 7" flexi-/VG2.00FL0010
Tony Curtis/ChrisintiArmagedeon 7" Powerstone records, Jamaican pressing-/VG+4.00070625
TrafficHere We Go Round the Mulberry BushWIP 60257" Island records, pink label, c.1967-/VG+4.00070607
TrafficHole in My ShoeWIP 60177" Island records, pink label, wol, solid centre, c.1967-/VG+5.00070608
Trevor HartleyMine AgainRVRS17" River Bank Records-/VG+SOLD070652
Trevor SparksRosemary 7" Music Master records, Jamaican pressing.1987-/VG+4.00070623
VariousAmbient Dub Volume 4RBADCD11CD Beyond labelEX/EX12.00CD3135
Walker BrothersMake It Easy on YourselfBF 14287" Philips label, mono pressing, in Philips company sleeve, c.1966VG-/VG+4.00070616
Walker BrothersMy Ship is Coming InBF 14547" Philips label, mono pressing, in Philips company sleeve, c.1965VG/VG+4.00070586
Wayne WonderAre You Ready 7" Mad House records, Jamaican pressing-/VG3.00070654
Wayne Wonder/Bounti KillaCriss Pack of Boots 7" Mad House records, Jamaican pressing-/VG+3.00070655
Wedding PresentCaliforniaPB453157" RCA records, c.1992VG+/VG+4.00070701
Wendy AlleyneMidnight BlueW5087" Wirl records, Barbados, c.1976-/VG+4.00070622
Winston GroovyI Really Love YouGW 10017" Greenway records, c.1972-/VG4.00070568
You've Got Foetus on Your BreathWash SlogWOMB FGH 8.1212" Some Bizarre/Self Immolation, c.1984EX/EX8.00SOLD
13 Jun 2015
Another long update, with once again something for everyone including some Jamaican reggae some punk/new wave 7" singles by Elvis Costello, Generation X, Penetration, The Revillos, The Skids, Spizzenergi, and loads of other items. More records & CDs for sale being added on a reasonably regular basis so be sure to bookmark this page or my home page.
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
4 HeroTwo Pages558 465-2CDEX/VG+10.00CD3133
Andell and BolivarWoman A GenalSRS 0097" Simmons Recording Studio, Jamaican pressing, c.1972-/VG5.00070534
Boones FarmIf You Can't Be My WomanCBS S 82127" CBS records, produced by Jim Messina, promo in company sleeve, c.1972VG+/VG+5.00070533
Buffy Sainte-MarieLook at the FactsABC-122037" ABC records, US promo in company sleeve, c.1976VG+/VG+4.00070531
CurveComing Up Roses (Kevin Shields mix)WUMX8048912" Universal records, 1 sided promo, c.1998-/VG+5.00121809
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsI Don't Want to Go to ChelseaADA 367" Radar records, c.1978VG/VGSOLD070512
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsOliver's ArmyADA 317" Radar records, c.1978G/VGSOLD070336
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsRadio RadioADA 247" Radar records, c.1978VG-/VGSOLD070348
Generation XYour GenerationCHS 21657" Chrysalis records, mispressed sleeve with front and back covered reversed, c.1977VG-/VG+SOLD070542
Heaven 17We Don't Need This Facist Groove ThangVS 4007" Virgin records, c.1980VG-/VG+3.00070539
HolliesBus StopR 54697" Parlophone label, company sleeve, c.1966VG/VGSOLD070500
Ian McCullochCandlelandSAM 6527" Eastwest records promo, c.1990-/EXSOLD070532
Inspiral CarpetsThis Is How It FeelsPDUNG 7T12" Mute records, promo in company sleeve, c.1990VG-/VG+4.00121808
Lightning SeedsLife's Too ShortXPR335612" promo doubleVG/VG5.00121800
MusicologyHall of MirrorsB120612" B12 label, black vinyl, original pressing in orange die-cut sleeveVG+/VG+SOLD121810
New MusikWorld Of WaterGT 2687" GTO records, c.1980VG/VG-2.00070516
Norris Man / LucianoPeace and Prosperity / Land Out Yonder 7" Kings of Kings records, Jamaican pressing, c.2001-/VG-3.00070538
Patti Smith / Kevin ShieldsThe Coral SeaPASK001CD double in 4 panel digipackEX/EX14.00CD3132
Patti SmithSet FreeARIST 1219712" Arista records, c.1978VG+/VG+6.00121801
PenetrationCome Into The OpenVS 2687"VG/VGSOLD070076
PenetrationLife's a GambleVS2267" Virgin records, c.1978VG+/VG+SOLD070519
Poison GirlsSongs of PraiseXN 2008LP XNTRIX records, with inner, c.1985VG+/VG+10.00LP0821
Prince MalachiYou Can't Come In 7" Xterminator label, Jamaican pressing, b-side sticks, c.1999-/G2.00070535
Rain ParadeBeyond the SunsetIMA 17LP Island records, c.1985VG/VG+6.00LP0818
Rhoda with The Special A.K.A.The BoilerCHS TT187" Two Tone, paper labels, c.1982VG/VG+SOLD070536
Rolling Stones19th Nervous BreakdownF.123317" Decca label, comoany sleeve, c.1966VG+/VGSOLD070501
SpizzenergiWhere's Captain Kirk?RTSO 47" Rough Trade records, c.1979VG/VG-SOLD070517
SpizzenergiWhere's Captain Kirk?RTSO 47" Rough Trade records, c.1979VG/VGSOLD070518
Steeleye SpanParcel of RoguesCHR 1046LP Chrysalis records, gatefold sleeve, c.1973VG+/VG+10.00LP0814
StereolabKyberneticka Babickapure 174s7" Too Pure records, c.2005VG+/EXSOLD070529
Teardrop ExplodesPassionate FriendTear 57" Mercury records, paper labels, c.1981VG+/EX4.00070540
The ClashLondon Calling88697618392CD 30th anniversary edition with DVD and bookletEX/EX12.00CD3131
The MekonsFear and WhiskeyQS80CDCD Quarterstick records, punch hole in bar code, c.2002EX/VG+12.00CD3130
The RevillosMotor Bike BeatDIN 57" Din Disc records, c.1980VG/VG5.00070520
The RevillosWhere's the Boy For Me?DIN 17" Din Disc records, mispressed b-side, plays OMD, c.1979VG+/VGSOLD070521
The SkidsCharadeVS 2887" Virgin records, c.1979VG/VG+SOLD070537
This Mortal CoilFiligree & ShadowDAD609LP double on 4AD label with inners, c.1986VG+/VG+12.00LP0815
Thomas DolbyAirwaves 7" flexi-/VG2.00FL0010
Thomas DolbyAirwavesVIPS 1017" Venice in Peril label, c.1982G+/VG+2.00070514
Thomas DolbyEuropa and the Pirate TwinsR60517" EMI records, c.1981VG-/VG+2.00070515
TrafficPaper SunWIP-60027" Island records, pink label, c.1967-/VG+4.00070530
VariousFac.DanceSTRUT 087CDCD doublepack, Factory records 12" mixes & rarities 1980-1987VG/EX12.00CD3128
Yellow Magic OrchestraMultiplesLIXDJ212" Internal records, promo, remixes by The Orb, The Shamen, Altern 8 and 808 State-/VG+4.00121807
3 May 2015
An even longer update than usual, with something for everyone including some Jamaican reggae 7" singles, a few singles by Dr Feelgood, Cowboys International, Japan, Richard H Kirk, Sisters of Mercy, Stone Roses, and others. More records & CDs for sale being added on a reasonably regular basis so be sure to bookmark this page or my home page.
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Amen CornerBend Me, Shape MeDM.1727" Deram label, company sleeve, c.1968VG-/VG+SOLD070484
Amen CornerIf Paradise is Half as NiceIM 0737" Immediate label, c.1969-/VG+SOLD070483
Baby WayneFrom You Good 7" Jah Voice Call, Jamaican pressing, c.1993-/VG+4.00070444
BlurThere's No Other Way12Food 2912" Food/Parlophone, c.1991VG+/VG8.00121791
Bunny WailerGalong So 7" Solomonic, Jamaican pressing, c.1981-/VG+SOLD070447
Carter USMDo Re Me, So Far So GoodUSM 57" Chrysalis label, c.1992EX/EX3.00070485
Cowboys InternationalNothing DoingVS2677" Virgin label, c.1979VG/VG4.00070469
Cowboys InternationalToday TodayVS3267" Virgin label, c.1980VG+/VG+4.00070470
Dave EdmundsRepeat When NecessarySSK 59409LP Swansong records, with inner, c.1979VG/VG+6.00LP0805
Dead KennedysIn God We Trust, IncNew 712" New Rose records, New 7, with innerVG/VG8.00121794
Dr FeelgoodBack in the NightUP 358577" United Artists, c.1975-/VG+5.00070453
Dr FeelgoodDown At The DoctorsUP 364447" United Artists, c.1978VG/VG+SOLD070486
Dr FeelgoodNo Mo Do Yakamo1C 006-82 9967" EMI Electrola, German pressing, c.1980VG/VG+SOLD070454
Dread GordonBig ThingsJVC 1007" Jah Voice Call, Jamaican pressing, c.1993-/VG+4.00070445
Dread GordonBig ThingsJVC 1007" Jah Voice Call, Jamaican pressing, c.1993-/VG+4.00070446
Dunja RajterCup of Tea (Mama Sag, Was Soll Ich Tun)S CBS 80277" CBS label promo, company sleeve, c.1972VG/VG+5.00070467
Gary NumanTelekonBEGA 19LP Beggar's Banquet, lyric inner and bonus live single, c.1980VG-/VG8.00LP0803
Generation XGeneration XCHR 1169LP Chrysalis label, c.1978VG+/VG+SOLDLP0806
God HeadMoving UpJVC 8007" Jah Voice Call, Jamaican pressing, c.1993-/VG+4.00070448
House of LoveShine OnHOL 37" Fontana label, c.1990VG-/EX3.00070482
Hurricane #1The Greatest HighCTP30912" single sided promo, Creation records, c.1999-/EX5.00121793
Hurricane #1Only the Strongest Will SurviveCTP 285X12" Creation label promo-/EX5.00121795
JapanNightporterVS5547" Virgin label, c.1980VG-/VG+SOLD070466
JapanQuiet LifeHANSA 67" Hansa label, German pressing, c.1981VG-/VG+SOLD070465
Junior FrostWah A SellJVC 2007" Jah Voice Call, Jamaican pressing, c.1993-/VG+4.00070449
Killing JokeFollow the LeadersEGMDX 1.0110" Malicious Damage, c.1981VG/VG+6.00100055
Mother's FinestMother's FinestEpic 81695LP Epic records, c.1976VG/VG+8.00LP0799
Nick LoweLabour of LustRAD 21LP Radar records, with inner, c.1979VG/VG+6.00LP0804
Pete SeegerFolk Music, Live at the Village GateVLO 5016LP Verve Folkways, c.1965VG+/VG10.00LP0807
Prince AllaFollow JahCM 057" Conscious Melody-/VG+SOLD070443
Profer Marmelzat & ReedAll Roads Lead Back to YouS CBS 10917" CBS label promo, company sleeve, c.1972VG/VG5.00070468
ReparataThere's So Little TimeBT 1147" Big Tree records, US promo, c.1971-/VG+5.00070442
Rhoda with The Special A.K.A.The BoilerCHS TT187" Two Tone, paper labels, c.1982VG/VG+SOLD070450
Richard H KirkBlack Jesus VoiceRough 99LP with inner, Rough Trade, c.1986VG+/VG+SOLDLP0789
Richard H KirkHipnoticRTT 19912" Rough Trade label, c.1986EX/EXSOLD121789
Scott FitzgeraldMadonaS EPC 41337" Epic label promo, c.1976-/VG+3.00070490
Semiacoustic NatureSemiacoustic NatureRI 029CD Rather Interesting label, Uwe SchmidtVG+/EX20.00CD3129
Silicon TeensMemphis TennesseeMUTE 0037" Mute records, c.1979VG/VG+SOLD070487
Sisters of MercyAliceMR 02112" Merciful Release, c.1983VG/VG+5.00121785
Sisters of MercyNo Time to CryMR335T12" Merciful Release/WEA, c.1985VG+/VG+5.00121787
Sisters of MercyTemple of LoveMRX02712" Merciful Release, c.1983VG+/VG+5.00121786
Small FacesLazy SundayIMS 1067" Immediate label, company sleeve, c.1976VG-/VG5.00070452
Spear of DestinyNever Take Me AliveTENX 16212" doublepack, 10 records, c.1987VG+/VG+5.00121796
Stone RosesFools GoldORE 137" Silvertone Records, c.1989VG+/EXSOLD070459
Stone RosesShe Bangs the DrumsS12DJ19412" Simply Vinyl, c.2005sealedSOLD121792
The AssociatesFourth Drawer DownBEG K 58373LP german pressing, c.1981VG-/VG+8.00LP0791
The AssociatesPerhapsWX9, 240 497-1LP german pressing, with inner, c.1984VG/VG+8.00LP0792
The AssociatesTake Me To The GirlYZ 477" WEA label, c.1985VG/VG+SOLD070463
The AssociatesTha Affectionate PunchSPELP 33LP Fiction records, c.1982VG+/VG+8.00LP0793
The CureThe Caterpillarfics 207" Fiction label, c.1984VG/VG+SOLD070456
The CureThe Walkfics 187" Fiction label, c.1983VG-/VG+SOLD070455
The Psychedelic FursThe Psychedelic FursCBS 32299LP CBS records, c.1980VG+/VG+10.00LP0794
The MonkeesMommy and DaddyRCA 18877" RCA label, company sleeve, wol, c.1969VG/VG+SOLD070489
The WhoRelay2094-1067" Track records, c.1972-/VG4.00070457
VariousFac.DanceSTRUT 087CDCD doublepack, Factory records 12" mixes & rarities 1980-1987VG/EX12.00CD3128
YachtsLook Back in Love (Not in Anger)ADA 237" Radar records, company sleeve, c.1978VG/VG+3.00070488
11 Apr 2015
A slightly longer update today with some Cabarate Voltaire CDs and vinyl, a couple of REM limited edition, cloured vinyl singles, a rare Pete Namlook Fax label CD, a rare, red vinyl Television single, plus a handful of 1950s, 1960s and 1970s singles. More records & CDs for sale being added on a reasonably regular basis so be sure to bookmark this page or my home page.
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
A Certain RatioI Need Someone ToniteFAC 7212" Factory records, c.1983VG+/VG+6.00121779
A Certain RatioMind Made UpLTMCD 2531CD LTM recordings, c.2010EX/EX10.00CD3125
Anthony NewleyWhy45-F 111947" Decca Records, tri centre, c.1960-/VGSOLD070426
Bruce GilbertIn EsseCDSTUMM171CD Mute Records, digipack, c.1997VG/VG10.00CD3127
Cabaret VoltaireCrackdownCVS1-1212" Some Bizarre / Virgin records, c.1983VG/VG+5.00121780
Cabaret VoltaireRed MeccaCABS 3 CDCD Mute Records, c.1990EX/VG+10.00CD3121
Cabaret VoltaireThe Dream TicketCVS2-1212" Some Bizarre / Virgin records, c.1983VG/VG+5.00121781
Cabaret VoltaireThe Living LegendsCABS 6 CDCD Mute Records, c.1990EX/EX10.00CD3120
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsYou Little FoolXX267" F-beat, c.1982VG+/VG+SOLD070417
Eydie GorméThe Gentleman is a Dope45 POP4937" HMV label demo-/VG5.00070431
Gene PitneyThat Girl Belongs to YesterdayUP 10457" United Artists, c.1964-/VG+SOLD070415
Jimmy CliffWide WorldWIP-60877" Island records, pink label, c.1970-/VG+4.00070423
Lonnie DoneganBattle of New Orleans7N.152067" Pye label, company sleeve, c.1959VG/VG3.00070433
Pere UbuWorlds in Collision848 564-2CD Fontana / Phonogram, c.1991EX/EX10.00CD3122
Pete Namlook / Atom HeartJet Chamber IIPK08/115CD Fax label, limited edition of 2000VG+/VG+SOLDCD3123
R.E.M.Can't Get There From HereIRT 10212" IRS records, c.1985VG+/VG+8.00121784
R.E.M.Crush With EyelinerW0281X7" orange vinyl, calendar sleeveVG+/VG+5.00070438
R.E.M.Strange CurrenciesW0290X7" green vinyl, badge missingVG+/VG+SOLD070439
RapoonChurch Roadtantra x37CD Tantric Harmonies, first edition of 500 copies, c.2006EX/EX12.00CD3124
Robin GibbSaved By The Bell563377" Polydor records, company sleeve, c.1969VG-/VG3.00070425
Ron Grainer & His OrchestraTheme From Steptoe and Son (Old Ned)7N.451417" Pye label promo, c.1962-/VGSOLD070428
Scott WalkerJoannaBF 16627" Philips label, company sleeve, c.1968VG/VG4.00070432
Sheila SouthernSweet Gingerbread Man7N.451397" Pye label promo, company sleeve, c.1972G/VG4.00070430
Stone RosesShe Bangs the DrumsS12DJ19412" Simply Vinyl, c.2005sealedSOLD121783
StrawbsShine On Silver SunAMS 70827" A&M records, side 2 scratched, c.1973-/G1.00070427
TelevisionFoxholeK1228712" Elektra label, limited edition red vinyl, yellow sleeve, c.1978EX/VG+10.00121782
The ClashGates of the West / Groovy TimesAE7 11787" Epic label demo, c.1979-/VG+7.50070437
The DamnedLively ArtsNST 8010" Big Beat label, c.1982EX/EXSOLD100054
The Five Dallas BoysAll The Way45 DB40417" Columbia label demo, company sleeveVG/VGSOLD070429
The La'sWay OutGOLAS 17" Go! Discs, c.1987VG+/VG+SOLD070414
Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersDamn the TorpedosMCF 3044LP Backstreet records, with inner, c.1979VG/VG+SOLDLP0787
T-RexSolid Gold Easy ActionMARC 37" EMI records, c.1972-/VG+4.00070420
WireRead and Burn 01PF4CD Pink Flag label, digipack, c.2002VG-/VG+10.00CD3126
YachtsLove You Love YouADA 367" Radar records, c.1979VG/VG+4.00070419
6 Mar 2015
Another short vinyl update ... a selection of 1950's and 1960's pop and easy listening 7" singles, including Cliff Richard, The Seekers, Gene Pitney, Frank Ifield, Lonnie Donegan and others, some limited edition Marc Almond singles, and a couple of classic vinyl albums by Television front man Tom Verlaine. More records & CDs for sale being added on a reasonably regular basis so be sure to bookmark this page or my home page.
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Brian EnoThe Lion Sleeps TonightWIP 62337" Island label, DJ copy, wos, c.1975VG-/VG+SOLD070387
Cliff Richard and The ShadowsDon't Talk to HimDB 71507" Columbia Records, c.1963-/VG+3.00070412
Cliff Richard and The ShadowsTheme For a Dream45-DB 45937" Columbia Records, company sleeve, tos, c.1961VG-/VG3.00070413
Frank IfieldConfessin'SEG 82777" Columbia Records, 6 track EP, c.1963VG/VG+SOLD070406
Frank IfieldHitsSEG 82107" Columbia Records, 6 track EP, c.1962VG-/VG+SOLD070407
Gene PitneySomewhere in the CountrySS 21037" Stateside, company sleeve, c.1968VG-/VG+SOLD070411
Lonnie DoneganDoes Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavour45-159117" Dot records, US pressing, c.1959-/VG+3.00070403
Marc AlmondLove LetterBONK P27" with poster, Virgin label, c.1985VG+/VG+4.00070391
Marc AlmondMelancholy RoseGLOWD 47" double in gatefold sleeve, Virgin label, c.1986VG/VG+SOLD070390
Marc AlmondStories of JohnnyBONK 17" double in gatefold sleeve, Virgin label, tos, c.1985VG-/VG+4.00070389
Marc AlmondThe House is HauntedGLOWD 17" double in gatefold sleeve, Virgin label, c.1985VG/VG+SOLD070388
New OrderProcessionFAC 537" Factory label, blue sleeve, c.1981VG-/VG-8.00070395
Peter, Paul and MaryTell It On The MountainWB 1277" Warner Brothers, c.1964-/VG3.00070408
Russ ConwayAnother 6SEG 79057" Columbia Records, 6 track EP, c.1959VG-/VG3.00070404
Stanley BlackThe Big Instrumental HitsDFE 65787" Decca Records, 4 track EP, c.1959VG/VG+3.00070405
The SeekersMorningtown RideDB 80607" Columbia Records, c.1966-/VG+3.00070410
The SeekersWe're Moving OnDB 80007" Columbia Records, c.1964-/VG3.00070409
The WhoSqueeze Box2121 2757" Polydor, company sleeve, c.1975-/VG+SOLD070402
6 Mar 2015
Another short vinyl update. A couple of early Steve Hillage and Bram Tchaikovsky albums, a UK indie classic from The Mighty Lemon Drops, singles from James, The Associates and Elvis Costello and a rare, coloured vinyl single from Generation X. More records & CDs for sale being added on a reasonably regular basis so be sure to bookmark this page or my home page.
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Bram TchaikovskyStrange Man Changed ManPD-1-6211LP Radarscope label, Canadian pressing, with inner, punch hole in cover, c.1979VG-/VG+8.00LP0774
Elvis CostelloHigh FidelityXX37" F-Beat, c.1980VG/VG+4.00070376
Generation XValley of the DollsCHS 23107" Chiswick label, brown vinylVG+/EXSOLD070380
JamesVillage FireFAC 13812" Factory Records, c.1985EX/EX6.00121770
Mighty Lemon DropsWorld Without EndAZLP 4LP Chrysalsi label, with inner, c.1988EX/EX8.00LP0777
Steve HillageFor To NextV 2244LP Virgin label, c.1982VG/VG+6.00LP0775
Steve HillageOpenV 2135LP Virgin label, with inner, c.1979VG-/VG+6.00LP0776
The AssociatesParty Fears TwoVS 2287" WEA label, c.1982VG/VG+SOLD070384
1 Mar 2015
A smaller selection ths week, but some great additions, with a few Cabaret Voltaire vinyls, Haevan 17 and Flying Lizards. More records & CDs for sale being added on a reasonably regular basis so be sure to bookmark this page or my home page.
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
Cabaret VoltaireEasy Life12R 626112" c.1990VG-/EX6.00121768
Cabaret VoltaireHere To Go12R 616612" white label-/EX6.00121767
Cabaret VoltaireThe CrackdownCV 1LP limited edition with bonus 12" and inner, c.1983VG+/EX10.00LP0761
Cabaret VoltaireThe Drain TrainDVR 2112" with bonus remix 12"VG+/EX10.00121769
Fergal SharkeyYou Little ThiefVS 8407" Virgin records, c.1985-/VG2.00070355
Heaven 17Crushed by the Wheels of IndustryVS 6287" Virgin label, c.1983VG+/VG+3.00070359
The Flying LizardsMoneyVS 2767" Virgin label, c.1979VG/VG+4.00070357
The Flying LizardsTVVS 3257" Virgin label, c.1980VG/VG+SOLD070358
15 Feb 2015
A whole raft of great vinyl and CD's added in my latest update. Some more great Frank Zappa CD's, a couple of R.E.M. 7" singles, Elvis Costello vinyl, Dodgy limited edition vinyl, Cat Stevens vinyl albums, Associates, Marc Almond, Soft Cell, and loads more.More records & CDs for sale being added on a reasonably regular basis so be sure to bookmark this page or my home page.
ArtistTitleCatalogue no.DescriptionCondition (sleeve/ record or CD)Price (GBP)Ref no.
AmericaHomecomingK46180LP gatefold sleeveG+/VG-5.00LP0749
Beaumont HannantBasic Data Manipulation, Tastes and Textures volume 2GPR LP2LP double, General Production RecordingsVG+/VG+SOLDLP0747
Boards of CanadaGeogaddiWARPCD101CD limited edition hardback cover and 12 page bookletEX/VG+SOLDCD3115
Cat StevensCatch Bull at FourILPS 9206LP Island records, gatefold sleeve, c.1971EX/VG8.00LP0756
Cat StevensTeaser and the FirecatILPS 9154LP Island records, gatefold sleeve, c.1971EX/VG+8.00LP0757
Crosby, Stills, Nash and YoungSo FarSD 18100 0698LP Atlantic label, US pressingVG/VG+10.00LP0743
DodgyIf You're Thinking of Me581 998-77" numbered limired edition with posterEX/EX4.00070344
DodgyIn A Room581 627-77" white vinyl, numbered limited editionEX/EXSOLD070343
EasterhouseInspirationRT 1747" Rough Trade label, c.1986VG-/VGSOLD070330
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsAlmost BlueXXLP13LP F Beat label, c.1981VG/EX8.00LP0754
Elvis CostelloI'm Your ToyXX217" F BeatEX/EXSOLD070309
Foetus IncButterfly PotionWAX911112" Self Immolation/Wax TraxEX/VG+6.00121754
Frank Zappa / Mothers of InventionBurnt Weeny SandwichO238422CDEX/EX12.00CD3119
Frank Zappa / Mothers of InventionFreak OutRCD 10501CDEX/EX14.00CD3118
Frank Zappa / Mothers of InventionUncle MeatO238392CD doublepack with poster insertEX/EX/EX14.00CD3117
Grace SlickManholeGrunt 0598LP Grunt label, US pressingVG-/VG+10.00LP0745
Heaven 17Come Live With MeVS 607-1212"VG+/EX4.00121760
Jefferson AirplaneBarkFTR-1001LP Grunt label, US pressing, brown paper bag, innerVG+/VG+16.00LP0746
Judy CollinsIn My LifeEKS-7320LP Elektra, red labelG+/VG+10.00LP0738
Marc AlmondBlack KissECSDJ5812" remixesEX/EX5.00121761
Pete Namlook4 Voice 5PK08/7712" Fax label-/VG6.00121751
PrimitivesLovelyPL 71688LP with innerVG/EX8.00LP0759
Psychick Warriors ov GaiaOut Now7 72814-112"EX/VG+6.00121753
Red GuitarsSteeltownSCAR 010T12" Self-Drive recordsEX/EXSOLD121762
Red Lorry Yellow LorryPaint Your WagonREDLP 65LP Red Rhino records, with lyric inner, c.1986VG/VG8.00LP0752
REMRadio SongW00727"EX/EX4.00070311
REMThe One I LoveIRM 1787" IRSEX/EXSOLD070312
Rose of AvalancheString 'a' BeadsRose 228LP New Rose labelVG+/EX8.00LP0751
SilverfishF***in' Drivin' or What EPCRE 113T12" Creation labelVG+/VG+4.00121759
Soft CellDown in the SubwayBZS 221212" Some Bizarre, c.1986VG+/VG6.00121766
Soft CellSoul InsideBZS 201212" Some Bizarre, c.1983VG+/VG6.00121765
Stephen StillsIllegal StillsPC 24148LP Columbia label, US pressing, lyric innerVG+/EX10.00LP0744
Stephen StillsThoroughfare GapJC35380LP Columbia label, US pressing, demo/promo, lyric innerEX/EX10.00LP0741
The Associates18 Carat Love AffairASC 37" c.1982VG+/EX4.00070338
The AssociatesClub CountryASC 27" c.1982VG-/VG4.00070337
The Black DogInvisible ThingsDuke 109DJV7" double pack, Hydrogen DukeboxVG+/EXSOLD070342
The DillardsLive, AlmostEKS-7265LPEX/EX10.00LP0737
The PassionsThe SwimmerPOSP 1847" PolydorVG-/VG+4.00070319
Theatre of HateHe Who Dares WinsSSSSSIPLPVG-/VG8.00LP0736
Various (David Moufang, Jonah Sharp, Jake Smith, etc.)SynopticsREF CD7CD Reflective labelEX/EXSOLDCD3116
WoodentopsMove MeATT16512" Rough Trade label, c.1985VG+/EX4.00121758

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