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Andrew Weatherall, Rotters Golf Club, Sabres of Paradise, Two Lone Swordsmen
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Artist Title Catalogue no. Description Condition (sleeve/ record or CD) Price (GBP) Ref no.
Rotters Golf Club label
DecalBrightest StarRGC 010CDCD Rotters Golf ClubEX/EX14.00CD1357
Radioactive ManBooby TrapRGC 011CDCD Rotters Golf ClubEX/EX14.00CD1358
Radioactive ManRadioacive ManRGC CD001CD Rotter Golf Club labelVG/EX14.00CD1488
R3moteRemotionRGCLP00712" Rotters Golf Club-/EX5.00121735
VariousFrom the BunkerBRC-66CD Rotters Golf Club Japanese compilation mix featuring Radioactive MAn, Decal, the Hold, Klart, Remote, etc.EX/EX14.00CD1288
Sabres of Paradise
Sabres of ParadiseSabresonic IIWarp CD34CD Warp labelEX/EX12.00CD1713
Sabres of Paradise label
BlueBlue and friendsPT 03012" Emissions Audio Output (Sabres)VG/VG5.00121654
BlueResistanceSOP004CDCD Emissions Audio OutputEX/EX14.00CD1428
ConemeltConfuse and DestroySOP 007CDCD Emissions Audio OutputEX/EX14.00CD1284
FinitribeForever Green 12" DJ promo (Weatherall mix)-/EX4.00120222
Flash FactionRepomanPT 01612" Sabres label promo-/EX4.00120196
HollowareSquadPT 01912" promo-/EX4.00120247
Jack O'SwordsThe BoxPT 01712" promo-/EX4.00120242
SapianoCrank CallPT 02912" Emissions Audio OutputVG/VG4.50121650
Secret KnowledgeOoh BabyPT 00212"-/EX4.00120248
TechnovaTantric StepsSOP002CDCD Sabres of Paradise/Emissions Audio OutputEX/VG14.00CD1522
VariousFresh EmissionsSOP005CDCD double compilation on Emissions Audio Output, featuring Being, Vermin, Conemelt, Bishop, Two Lone Swordsmen, etc.VG/EX/EX12.00CD1427
VariousFresh EmissionsSOP005CDCD double compilation on Emissions Audio Output, featuring Being, Vermin, Conemelt, Bishop, Two Lone Swordsmen, etc.VG-/VG-10.00CD2261
Sabrettes label
BumbleWest in Motion 12" w/l (Weatherall mix)-/EX4.00120221
Chelsea GrinFace LifterSR 1612"-/EX3.50120241
MothraInsecticideSR 1812" promo-/EX4.00120239
Pyrex DetoxMr Trance InductionSR 01712" sampler-/EX4.00120220
SapianoMark 1SR 2212" promo-/EX4.00120246
SubcultureSubculture EPSR 1912" promo + press release-/EX4.00120240
Two Lone Swordsmen
Two Lone SwordsmenEmissions Audio Output (from the archive volume 1)RGCCD012CDEX/EX12.00CD2074
Two Lone SwordsmenFrom the Double Gone ChapelWarp LP119P12" LP sampler + press releaseEX/EX8.00121616
Two Lone SwordsmenFrom the Double Gone ChapelWARPCD119PCD promoEX/EX14.00CD1364
Two Lone SwordsmenFurther RemindersWARP CD91CD Warp recordsEX/VG14.00CD1230
Two Lone SwordsmenPeppered With Spastic MagicRGC CD011CD digipack + insertEX/EX14.00CD1348
Two Lone SwordsmenSwimming Not SkimmingPT 032CD Emissions Audio OutputEX/EX20.00CD1819
Two Lone SwordsmenThe Fifth MissionSOP 009CDCD double Sabres of ParadiseEX/EX/EX22.00CD1225
Two Lone SwordsmenTiny RemindersWarp CD77CDEX/EX14.00CD1223
Sabres related
ConemeltArtificial Timestretch LadyILLXXX00812" promo-/EX4.00120750
VariousFabric 19 (Andrew Weatherall)FABRIC 37CD in tin boxEX/VG12.00CD1664

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