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Acid Jazz, Talkin' Loud ...
Artist Title Catalogue no. Description Condition (sleeve/ record or CD) Price (GBP) Ref no.
ApostlesApostlesJAZID LP 32LP Acid Jazz labelVG-/EX6.00LP0187
Bryan PowellIt's AlrightTLKDJ4512" Talkin' Loud labelEX/EX4.00120621
Double VisionDouble Vision JAZID LP104LP Acid Jazz labelEX/EX6.00LP0198
Emperor's New ClothesUnsettled LifeJAZID LP76LP Acid Jazz labelEX/EX6.00LP0378
Emperor's New ClothesUnsettled LifeJAZID CD76CD Acid Jazz labelEX/EX12.00CD1616
GallianoLong Time GoneTLKDJ67/6812" Talkin' Loud double promoEX/EX/EX7.00120644
New Jersey KingsStratosphere BreakdownJAZID LP123LP Acid Jazz labelEX/EX6.00LP0375
Snowboy and the Latin SectionBest of Snowboy/Latin SectionJAZID LP102LP Acid Jazz labelEX/EX6.00LP0377
The Dread Filmstone SoundThe Bionic DreadJAZID LP109LP Acid Jazz labelEX/EX6.00LP0376
VariousHippy House and Happy HopJAZID LP54LP Acid Jazz compilationEX/EX6.00LP0188
VariousJazzJAZID LP38LP Acid Jazz compilationEX/EX8.00LP0227
VariousTotally Wired 7JAZID CD48CD Acid Jazz labelM/M12.00CD0798
VariousTotally Wired 9JAZID LP57LP Acid Jazz compilationEX/EX7.00LP0318
VariousTotally Wired 12JAZID CD120CD Acid Jazz labelM/M12.00CD0807
VariousTotally Wired 14JAZID CD134CD on Acid JazzEX/EX12.00CD2240
VibraphonicVibraphonicJAZID LP63LP Acid Jazz labelEX/EX6.00LP0374
VibraphonicVibraphonicJAZID CD63CD Acid Jazz labelM/M12.00CD0797
Elektrolux label, Liquid Lounge label ...
Artist Title Catalogue no. Description Condition (sleeve/ record or CD) Price (GBP) Ref no.
AutopilotThe Voice Insidee1000001cdCD on Electrolux label in digipackEX/EX13.00CD1040
AutopilotThe Voice Insidee1000001cdCD on Elektrolux label in digipackEX/EX13.00CD2485
Azure TaintFunky Elementse1010110cdCD Elektrolux labelEX/EX15.00CD1146
Estelle MontenegroLakesidee10100000CD Elektrolux label in digipackEX/EX12.00CD1046
Estelle MontenegroLakesidee1010000cdCD on Elektrolux label in digipackVG/VG+10.00CD2811
GuardnerRemixese111000112" Elektrolux labelEX/EX3.50121380
NEMNorthern Elektro Movemente1010010cdCD Elektrolux labelEX/EX12.00CD1227
NEMNorthern Elektro Movemente1010010cdCD on Elektrolux label in digipackVG/VG10.00CD2810
Gare du NordIn Search of Exellounge CD great lounge stuffEX/EX12.00CD1218
Zoomin'TeardropsLL02CD Liquid Lounge labelM/M12.00CD1102
Kirk Degiorgio (including ART and Op-Art labels), Offworld, As One, other Nu Jazz
Artist Title Catalogue no. Description Condition (sleeve/ record or CD) Price (GBP) Ref no.
4th WaveAttention PleaseOp 312" on Kirk Degiorgio's Op-art label-/VG5.00121737
As One21st Century SoulURCD091CD Kirk DegiorgioEX/EX14.00CD1482
As OneOut of the DarknessURCD158CD Kirk DegiorgioEX/EX14.00CD1483
As OneThe Art of ProphecySHLD102CDCD Kirk DegiorgioEX/EX14.00CD1512
Fila BrazillaMessT006CDEX/EX14.00CD1651
OffworldTwo WorldsFARO 055CDCD Kirk DegiorgioEX/EX14.00CD1382
VariousFuture Sounds of Jazz volume 5Compost 052-2CD doubleM/M/M14.00CD1539
VariousFuture Sounds of Jazz volume 9Compost 130-2CDEX/EX14.00CD1515
VariousRight on! Volume 1 CDVG/VG14.00CD1538
VariousRight On! Volume 2 CDEX/EX14.00CD1568
VariousRight On! Volume 3 CDEX/EX14.00CD1692
VariousRight On! Volume 4 CDEX/EX14.00CD1693
VariousSynthesisXTR48CDMCD Kirk DegirogioEX/EX12.00CD1484
VariousThe Soul of Science EVSCD4CD Kirk DegiorgioEX/EX14.00CD1558
VariousThe Soul of Science 2EVSCD21CD Kirk DegiorgioEX/EX14.00CD1485
VariousThe Soul of Science 3EVSCD33CD Kirk DegiorgioEX/EX14.00CD1509
Mole Listening Pearls label
Artist Title Catalogue no. Description Condition (sleeve/ record or CD) Price (GBP) Ref no.
Audio LotionAdelante!Mole cd046-2CD on Mole Listening Pearls, digipack sleeveVG/EX12.00CD2013
De-PhazzGodsdogMOLE-CD 020-2CD on Mole Listening PearlsEX/VG+10.00CD2323
De-PhazzGodsdogMOLE CD020L-2CD with bonus CDEX/EX11.00CD2991
LemongrassWindowsmole033-2CD Mole ListeningEX/EX12.00CD2177
ManmachinemanThe Rhythm RisingMole CD 006 02CD Mole Listening PearlsEX/EX12.00CD1338
VariousListening Pearls (UK Edition)Mole LP01-2CD Mole Listening PearlsEX/EX12.00CD1308
VariousListening Pearls volume oneMole CD014-2CD Mole Listening PearlsEX/EX12.00CD1309
VariousMole Special Price CD Mole Listening (promo)EX/EX12.00CD1336
VariousThe Listning Roommole us001-2CD Mole ListeningEX/EX12.00CD1481

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